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French Canadian Pioneers: The Vincents of Quebec

Jacques Vincent / Cyr / Sire  | Julie (Judith) Paille

May 14th, 1804, Maskinonge


Jacques Dupre  |  Therese-Monique Boucher dit Lavoie

May 15th, 1738, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. Captain of the St-Louis de Marseille]

Vincent Variations and Associated Surnames

Andetayon, Beaupré, Chrétien, Croteau, Cyr

Dauphinais, Dauphiné, De Jean, Dejean, Desjean

Jarret, Jean, Lachausse, Lachaussée, Maheu, Morisseau

Pichaud, Picheneau, Pichereau

Richereau, Rousseau, Teionerat, Teirorote, Vinault

Of Possible Interest:

Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Extracts: Native American Marriages of Eastern Canada (U/V)  

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