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Caughnawaga Indians Join The Circus (1883) | Surnames: Barnes

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Caughnawaga Indians Join The Circus


Ever since the date when a number of Caughnawaga Indians were induced to leave their farming pursuits to join an American circus, says the Montreal Star, has grown rapidly into favour with other “braves“ on the reserve, the consequence of which is that it has been depopulated at a considerable rate during the past two years.

In conversation with Jos Barnes. of Caughnawaga, a representative of the Star was informed that so highly are the services of the members of the tribe appreciated by showmen generally that over fifty-two are now in the business throughout the United States. Quite recently extraordinary inducements were offered by the manager of a show near buffalo to every Indian who would travel with him during the remainder of the present season. The result has been that ten men have signified their intention of accepting the terms, and will leave for the scene of their new life next week. the part taken in the performances by the Indians is merely to give an exhibition of the war dance of their illustrious forefathers, the mighty Iroquois, while the squaws who accompany them employ their time in selling Indian work, baskets etc.

A short time ago intelligence was received from one of the party, which proceeded to New York this spring, stating that all the Indians are highly satisfied with their prospects and that they do not intend to return to Canada till next year. They receive $10 a week for their services, with all expenses paid, and in addition to this they ave the profits of the sale of their fancy work.

Source: The Toronto Daily Mail, Aug 2 1883



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Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

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