A Canadian Family

Natives, French Canadians, Acadians

French Canadian Pioneers: The Thomas of Quebec

Claude Thomas Beaulieu |Marie-Madeleine Sceau

about 1689, Plaisance (Acadia)

[Occ. Voiturier]

Jean-Francois Thomas / Pont-a-Mousson  | Marie-Charlotte Odon (Audon)

July 27th, 1761, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. military, de la Marine]

Francois Thomas / Tranchemontagne  |  Catherine Mondoux

March 3rd, 1734, Trois-Rivieres

[Occ. military, troupes de la Marine, d’Amarion]

Thomas Variations and Associated Surnames

Akwirentha,Allard, Beaulieu, Berry, Bigaouet

Bigaouette, Bodry, Daniel, Dupuis, Gilbert

Jacques, Ouilem, Pelletier, Reydis, Rinault, Saint-André,

Tranchemontagne, Vergis, William

Of Possible Interest:

Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Extracts: Native American Marriages of Eastern Canada (S/T)

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