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Bribed Three Indians (1896) | Surnames: None

That Is the charge Against The Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Montreal, Dec.8 (Special) – The Indian council of Caughnawaga, settled by Catholic survivers of the Iroquois tribe, is memorializing the Indian Department with reference to the bribing of tree of its members by an alleged agent or agents of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The company has a big trestle near the village of Caughnawaga, on the south side of the St. Lawrence. the dispute with the Indians was about the size of the archway to carry one highway through the village and the right to close another road entirely. To neither of the company`s proposals would the Indians consent.

At the  last meeting of the council three Indians voted in favor of the company. There there were charges of boodling and the offenders confessed that they were paid for voting as they did. All concerned will be prosecuted.

Source: Boston Evening Transcript, Dec. 8, 1896

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