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Picnic At Caughnawaga (1923) | Surnames: Kentaratiron,Two Axe

Gala Day Planned by Iroquois for Saturday

Glimpses of life as it existed for the redmen in the early days of Canada before the wholesale invasion of the white man and the subsequent introduction of “civilized” modes of living, will be furnished in abundance at a big picnic to be held on Saturday afternoon and evening by the Iroquois Indian Band at the Caughnawaga reservation under the auspices of Chief Dominique Two Axe. On this occasion the good old days when the burning of palefaces at the stake was one of the popular pastimes, will be vividly recalled by means of allegorical displays. There will be bona fide war dances and demonstrations of the customs, and manners of the Indian of the early days along the lines of courtship, everyday living and fighting. A banc has been specially engaged for Saturday and in addition to other activities there will be open-air dancing. Te grounds chosen for holding the pow-wow are located about half a mile east of the Adirondack station, at the south side of the Lachine railway, on the property of chief Sose Kentaratiron. Flags will assist in lending a gala air to the field during the day, and in the evening the grounds will be brightened with lanterns, which will shed their glow from the trees and stakes placed about the enclosure.

The purpose of the picnic is to raise a large sum of money to be used in defraying expenses of an old legal battle between the Canadian Indian tribes and the State of New York over the ownership of a large tract of land in the State.

A cordal invitation is being extended by the tribe to any “palefaces” who may wish to attend their entertainment. Arrangements will be made for those who may prefer to take the ferry from Lachne to the village.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Aug 2nd, 1923

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