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Indian Drowns In Peculiar Manner (1934) | Surname: Delaronde, Jocks

Found Dead on River Bank With Face Only Submerged in Shallow Water

Frank Delaronde, 35-year-old Caughnawaga Indian, was found dead with his face submerged in several inches of water on the shore of the St. Lawrence River near the Indian Reservation at fve o’clock Saturday afternoon. Drowning, following an epileptic fit, is believed to be the cause of death but the body was removed to the morgue and an inquest will take place this morning.

Chief John Jocks, of the Reserve police, learned that DeLaronde left his home at 7:30 o’clock Saturday morning, saying that he intended to take a walk. When he failed to return home by noon the police were notified and a search party was organized by Chief Jocks. Finally, in the late afternoon the missing man was discovered lying on the shore of the river with his face in the water, his lifeless body stretched out on the river bank.

In the opinion of relatives, friends and the police, Delaronde became thirsty and walked to the river’s edge to obtain  drink of water. They believe that he stooped down, placed his mouth in the water, and was suddenly seized with epilepsy. He was subject to fits of this kind, relatives added, and had been released from the St.Jean de Dieu Hospital, where he underwent treatment for the ailment, about the middle of the week.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Jul 23rd, 1934

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