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Angus Skye, 16 of Caughnawaga, Drowned While Cycling Home (1930) | Surnames: Skye, White, Deer, Jocks

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Angus Skye, a 16-year-old Indian youth living here, was drowned shortly before two o’clock this afternoon, when, while crossing the Canadian Pacific Railway bridge between Lachine and this place on his bicycle, he lost his balance and fell from the bridge into the cold waters of the St. Lawrence River. The body has not yet been received although a search is being made.

W. White and Tom Deer, intimate friends of Skye, who were with him at the time of the drowning, and who witnessed the accident, related a very sad story to Police Chief Jocks. They remembered how their friend ad met his death, and also for he valiant attempt Skye made to swim to shore. He was soon exhausted, however, and sank out of sight.

White stated that he, Deer and Skye had been in Lachine this afternoon with their bicycles. Shortly after one o’clock they decided to go home. The quickest way to ge ther was by crossing the railway bridge, which is only used for trains, no pedestrians being allowed to traverse it. Deer said that Skye was in front of him as they approached the bridge on their wheels. White was in front.

When they had reached about the centre of the bridge the front wheel of Skye’s bicycle struck one of the beams and he lost control of it. White stated that he saw Skye topple over the side of the bridge, followed by his bicycle. There was a thin coat of ice on the river, and White said he saw Skye crash through it and disappear.

“I did not see Angie for a few minutes after that,” said White, “then suddenly I saw his head come up in a spot where the ice had not yet formed. This was about 500 ft from the spot where he had broken through the ice in his fall. I saw him swim for a few yards and shouted to him to try to keep on the surface and that I would get help. I had no sooner said this than I saw him disappear and this time he did not come up again. I ran to Caughnawaga and there told several friends of what had happened. I begged them to go to the scene and to recover angie’s body. Then I went to see Cief Jocks and told him the story,” concluded the lad.

Chief Jocks, accompanied by several of his constables and volunteers from the village, went to the scene and commenced a search for the body. Rowboats and grappling irons were used in the search, but the chief stated that they were having a difficult time as the current in this part of the river is very strong. In spite of these difficulties, Chief Jocks states that the search will continue until the body is recovered.

chief Jocks learned late tonight that when Skye fell into the river, Deer and White rushed to shore and procured a rowboat. They then rowed out in an effort to rescue Skye, but when they were only 100 feet from the victim he sank and did not reappear. Witnesses told chief Jocks that Skye ad swam about 800 feet before he sank. Up to midnight there was no sign of the victim’s body and the search is being continued.


Source: The Montreal Gazette, Dec 10th, 1930



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Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

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