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CAUGHNAWAGA TO BE EN-FETE TODAY (1932) | Surnames: Atrenho, Canadian, Tosini

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Chief White Cloud’s Widow Marries Cesar Tosini of Montreal

Wedding bells in the historic St. Francois Xavier Church at Caughnawaga will ring this morning: tawny braves and dusky maidens will rejoice as the charming Marion Canadian widow of the late Chief White Cloud, better known to white men as James Atrenho, famous 72 year old Indian medicine man, who died on February 13, 1931, at Watertown, N.Y. will walk to the altar for the second time to be married to Cesar Tosini, proprietor of the Milano Cafe , 1235 Dorchester Street west, Montreal. Marion Canadian is 29 years of age.

The wedding will attract much attention not only at the Caughnawaga reservation, but also at all Indian reservations through which Marion Canadian passed with her late husband, who travelled with the Indian Medicine Show. Indians from everywhere will gather at the well-known reservation across the river from Lachine, and will join in rejoicing. Marion as attracted much attention everywhere, for she is a member of the famous Canadian family which dates back to the foundation of this Indian reservation.

The wedding ceremony at St. Francois-Xavier Church which is marked inside by Iroquois inscriptions instead of Latin, is scheduled to take place at 8.30 o’clock this morning. Wedding hymns in the Iroquois language, which will b noticd by thir refreshing staccato distinctness, will be sung. It was in this church on February 18, 1931 that the last church service was held for chief White cloud, Mohawk-Iroquois medicine man, reeman of the North-American continent, pride of the 3,000 strong reservation. Mrs. Mary Canadian, the bride’s mother, John Canadian her brother, Angus Canadian, and other relatives will also be present.

Following the wedding ceremony at the church a banquet will be held at Caughnawaga, which will be followed by a family re-union dance and dinner in Montreal.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Dec 5th, 1932



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Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

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