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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Paradis of Quebec

St Jovite Souvenir Shop Prop. P. Paradis, Paradis genealogyParadis, François/Jean-François |  Constantin, Veronique-Michelle
October 9th, 1727
Paradis, Guillaume |  Genevieve Miloy
October 29th, 1670
Paradis, Jacques | Jeanne-Francoise Miloy
October 28th, 1668
Paradis, Jean |  Paquet, Jeanne
February 5th, 1679
Paradis, Pierre | Guyon, Barbe
February 11th, 1632
Paradis, Pierre | Milloir dit Dumaine
August 23rd, 1674
Paradis, Roland | Boivin, Marie-Angelique
April 28th, 1754
Paradis / Aubin, Michel | Prevost, Marie
June 11th, 1670

Baucher dit Morency, Guillaume | Paradis, Marie
October 16th, 1656

Paradis – Variations and associated surnames

Aubin  –   – Boiteau  –  Chouinard  – Desroches
Devide-poche  –  Duclos  –  Dufresne  –  Riel


Of Possible Interest:

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers 

Extracts: Native American Names of Eastern Canada (P)



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