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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Benoits of Quebec

Etienne Benoit / Benoist / Lajeunesse  | Nicole Chandoiseau

October 7th, 1670, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. servant of the Sulpicians]

Francois Benoit / Benoist | Marie-Madeleine Laborde

September 15th, 1749

Joseph Benoist | Anne Berthier

March 3rd, 1696, Gerrieres-en-Gatinais

[Occ. Master surgeon]

Philippe Benoit / Benoist | Marguerite Civadier

November 25th, 1732, St-Laurent (Ile-d’Orleans)

[Occ. sailor]

Claude Benoit / Labonte | Suzanne Stebenne

January 26th, 1761, Chambly

[Occ. troupes de Montcalm, La Reine]

Louis-Jean Lobinois de Tourneuve | Anne Benoist

October 4th, 1718

Jean-Michel Deroy dit Labarre  |  Marie-Anne Benoist

July 21st, 1726

Benoit Genealogy



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Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers  

Photo Credit: BaNQ



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