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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Heberts of Quebec

Cafe Ed Hebert Louiseville


Francois Hebert | Anne Fauconnier

October 5th, 1643

Louis Hebert |  Marie Rolet/Rollet

June 13th, 1602

Augustin Hebert / Jolicoeur | Adrienne Duvivier/Vivier

January 13th, 1646

Jean Hebert / Habert | Marie-Louise Boulaguet

April 18th, 1757

Andre-Francois-Mathurin Brisset des Nos  |  Francoise-Clementine Hebert / Rousseliere

December 8th, 1900

Denis Brosseau | Marie-Louise-Madeleine Hebert / Trubert

October 15th, 1670



Of possible interest

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers  

Photo Credit: BNQ, Cafe Ed. Hebert, Luiseville

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