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A Bellefleur Lasselin Family Line | Part 2


1.  Pierre Asselin and Marie-Jeanne Manegue, France

2. Romain dit Bellefleur Lasselin/Lacelain ( parents: Pierre Lasselin & Marie-Jeanne Manegue)  and Marie-Anne Betourne (parents: Louis Betourne & Marguerite Dupuy) were married on February 7th, 1757 in Quebec City.

Offspring: Romain dit Bellefleur Lasselin, Marie-Anne dit Bellefleur Lasselin, Clovis dit Bellefleur Lasselin, Jean-Baptiste Lasselin dit Bellefleur, Francois-Regis Lasselin dit Bellefleur (m. Josephte Lanctot)

3. Francois-Regis Lasselin dit Bellefleur (parents:  Romain dit Bellefleur Lasselin/Lacelain &  Marie-Anne Betourne) and Josephte Lanctot (parents: Alexis Lanctot & Marguerite Hebert) were married on August 25th, 1806 in St-Constant.

Offspring:  Regis dit Bellefleur Lasselin, Clovis dit Bellefleur Lasselin, Edmond dit Bellefleur Lasselin (m. Emerende Letourneau) , Hubert dit Bellefleur Lasselin , Magloire dit Bellefleur Lasselin, Cleophee dit Bellefleur Lasselin, Zoe dit Bellefleur Lasselin, Marguerite dit Bellefleur Lasselin

4. Edmond dit Bellefleur Lasselin (parents: Francois-Regis Lasselin dit Bellefleur & Josephte Lanctot) and Emerende Letourneau (parents: Joseph Letourneau & Marie-Dorothee Dupuis) were married on February 16th 1835 in St-Constant.

Offspring: Onesime dit Bellefleur Lasselin dit Bellefleur, Liquori  dit Bellefleur,  Zephirin dit Bellefleur ,  Philomene dit Bellefleur,  Zotique dit Bellefleur (m. Adele Bourdeau) , Cyrille  dit Bellefleur,  Simon dit Bellefleur .

5. Zotique dit Bellefleur Lasselin (parents: Edmond dit Bellefleur Lasselin & Emerence Letourneau) and Adele Bourdeau (parents: Guillaume Bourdeau & Euphrosine Gervais) were married on October 14th, 1878  in St-Constant.

Offspring: Joseph Homere Arthur dit Bellefleur, Marie-Yvonne Robertine Lasselin Bellefleur, Joseph Emile Leopold Lasselin Bellefleur (m. Josephine Boucher) , Joseph Wilbrod Alonzo Bellefleur Lasselin (m. Louise Kaneratine D’Ailleboust).

6. Joseph Emile Leopold Bellefleur (parents: Zotique dit Bellefleur Lasselin & Adele Bourdeau) and Josephine Boucher (parents: Alfred Boucher & Marie Allard). were married on September 21st, 1903 Kahnawake QC.

7. Zotique Guillaume Bellefleur (parents: Emile Bellefleur & Josephine Boucher) and Marie-Florence Annette Bellefleur (parents: Joseph Bellefleur & Elizabeth Colette) were married on November 27th, 1930 in Ste-Marie Parish (La Minerve, Labelle).

Marie-Florence Annette’s had been married in La-Nativite-d’hochelaga in Montreal on October 10th, 1897. Her grandparents were Zephirin Bellefleur (son of Edmond Lasselin & Emerentienne Letourneau) and Marie-Celina Collette (daughter of alain Collette & Emilie Moquin).

Zotique and Marie-Florence are my grand-daughter’s paternal great-great grandparents.

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