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Bantas Sink Roots In Bourbon County (1980) Surnames: Banta, Hemlock

Source: The Fort Scott Tribune – June 12, 1980

Bantas sink roots in Bourbon County

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Had it not been for a farm accident years ago in Bronson, Everett D. (Bud) Banta and his charming Mohawk Indian wife Louise who is from Montreal Canada, might never have met, nor be living now on the former Richardson farm on Route 3, three miles west on old 54 …..

Louise’s maden name is Hemlock, but her Indian name translates to ”Small (blue of the) Sky”, because she was born Nov. 9, at which season her mother did not see much blue in the Canadian sky.

Though her family settled in the province of Quebec, her ancestors originated in upstate New York.

“During the French and English wars there, “she says, “our people moved to Canada, where they lived on the shores of the island of Montreal. When Frontenac found the island of Montreal, we moved to the reservation at Caughnawaga, which means ‘near the rapids’,. Our people are not afraid of heights, so many Mohawks were able to find work in Montreal as high steel workers.

Her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Hemlock, 83, lives on the Caughnawaga reservation. A Catholic, she is a bingo fan …..

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