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Reader Query: Barachois, Waugh & Palmert Surnames

Grant Pritchard says:

I would also like to see family trees of Barachois. My mom, Donna Waugh was born there, my grandmother Ida Palmert (spelling??) Was born there. It’s been years since I’ve been but I have a soft spot for that town. I have aunts and uncles that still own homes there.  Anything you could send me would be great

Information 1

Donna Theresa Frances was born to Donald Waugh and Ida-Emily Paulmart in the early 1950s in Eastern Gaspe (information suppressed).

Donald Waugh (son of Jack Waugh and Flora Lucas) had married Ida Emily Paulmart (daughter of James Paulmart and Emily Lawrence) on June 12th, 1945 in St-Pierre-de-Malbaie (Barachois, Gaspe-Est, Quebec).

Information 2 The Paulmarte Line

James Theophilus Paulmarte (son of Jean-Baptiste Palmarte and Bridg. Barns) married Emily Lawrence (daughter of Patrick Lawrence and Elizabeth Lemieux) in St-Pierre-de-Malbaie (Balachois, Gaspe, Quebec) on May 1st, 1900.

Jean-Baptiste Paulmarte (son of Jean Palmarte and Louise Arbour) married Bridget Barns (daughter of Patrick Barns and Marie McGrath) on January 7th, 1862 in St-Patrick’s Parish in Douglastown, Gaspe.

Jean Paulmarte (son of Jean Palmate and Marie Roselley) married Louise Arbour (daughter of Francois Arbour and Elizabeth Valour) in St-Michel Parish in Perce, Gaspe, Quebec on October 7th, 1833.

Further Leads

This is an interesting surname. I notice after a brief scan of online that Palmert may be an alternate spelling for that name. Ancestry.com is a good source for information.

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