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Chief of the Caughnawaga Indians Died, 1902 / Surname: Sky

Chief of the Caughnawaga Indians

Mr. Joseph Sky, eighty-three years old, a chief of the Caughnawaga Indians, died on Tuesday night at his home in Caughnawaga, N.Y. He was elected chief in 1852, wand was chief when the first Indian lacrosse team went to Europe. He was chief when King Edward visited Canada in 1860. He was a noted Athlete. The chief was with Dawson when he surveyed the route to Manitoba over which the troops went at one time.

Chief Sky was better known as a Lachine Rapids pilot than in any other capacity, he having for years taken rafts down the channel of the rough water with great success. He was a most eloquent orator among Indians in their native Iroquois tongue.

Source: Lewiston Evening Journal – March 28th, 1898

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