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Reader Query: A Labrie / Berthelette Lineage

My grandmother’s father was Mohawk. Her maiden name was Rose Berthelet (surname of the non-Mohawk man with whom Rose’s mother was married). Rose married Edouard Labrie of Cyrville (in Ottawa). Rose and Edouard eventually lived at Lac des Iles near Mont-Laurier in Quebec. I would really appreciate knowing if anyone knows who my grand-mother’s Mohawk father was and how much time they spent together. Thank you. Louise Labrie


I don’t have an answer to your specific request however I’ve turned your query into a post and added the following information in the hopes that someone will come across it!

Edouard Labrie (son of Noe Laurie and Lea Jolicoeur) married Marie-Rose Berthelette (daughter of Louis Berthelette and Laura Ladouceur) on November 5th, 1928 in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Parish in Cyrville (Ottawa-Carleton County i, Ontario).

Louis Berthelet (son of Alphonse Berthelet and Josephine Denault) married Laura Ladouceur (daughter of Camille Ladouceur and Elmire Poulin) in the same parish on September 3rd, 1906.  **Reader wants to know if anyone knows the name of the Mohawk gentleman with whom Laura Ladouceur was connected.

Alphonse Berthelet (son of Joseph Berthelet and Esther Vendette) married Josephine Deneault (daughter of Joseph Deneault and Odile Isabelle) on September 23rd, 1878 at the Cathedral in Ottawa (Carleton, Ontario).

Joseph Berthelet (son of Joseph Berthelet and Marie-Jeanne Prud’homme) married Esther Vandette (daughter of Augustin Vendetta and Genevieve Jamme-Carriere) on November 10th, 1834 in St-Eustache Parish in Deux-Montagnes (Lake of Two Mountains) Quebec.

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  1. Regina Berthelette Mauviel (b 1909) was our grandmother and sister to your grandmother Rose Berthelette. Regina was the eldest of the family and the daughter of Louis Berthelette and Laura Ladouceur. We actually have a picture of five generations including Laura Ladouceur and her father. Although we have long thought that there might be some aboriginal background in our ancestry, we believe it precedes Laura’s generation and thus might be in our joint great great grandparents’.


    Comment by Joanne O'Byrne (daughter of Aline Mauviel) | December 5, 2015 | Reply

  2. I am posting as a reply because I cannot see where to post questions. Thank you in advance for ideas. My great grandmother was French Canadian according to the US census and other documents but I need ideas as to just what the “Arper” name could have been in Quebec. Elizabeth Arper married Henry Hamilton in Mass in 1848. Her brothers were also Arper and all info states Quebec. I do not have her parents names nor her birth record but am certainly looking. She was born about 1825. Thanks


    Comment by Joyce Newton | January 11, 2016 | Reply

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