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The Caughnawaga School (1883) | Surnames: Fletcher

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Note: The text below is included to portray a part of Caughnawaga’s local history, however it is also an unfortunate example of racist/colonial reporting. 

The annual examinations of the pupils of the Indian school at Caughnawaga was brought to a successful termination on Saturday. The pupils were in a splendid condition, both in cleanliness and proficiency and reflect great credit on those who conduct the school.  Our readers are aware of the difficulties that teachers have in general to surmount in these nurseries of civilization, more especially in one of this kind, where the attendance is continually broken, one would suppose that it would be almost impossible to make any headway with the pupils.

Remarkable as the fact may appear the last examination showed fully that notwithstanding the difficulties that from time to time present themselves in the work of pushing education as ordinary business would be pushed, the youthful Iroquois ahve been advanced to a successful position in their studies. They have been engaged in a glorious battle, that of conquering ignorance and in so doing they have truly shown their ambition to become the imitators of the valiant Christians, whose worth the Scriptures tell us is from afar.

The progress made by the Indians in general is ample proof of the assiduity of Mr. Fletcher in his charger over the school. The schoolmaster has always taken great interst in our Iroquois friends, and any effectual effort calculated to promote education, has always obtained his heartiest sympathy. He says that the present school is in need of sanitary improvements and hopes that the honorable minister charged with the administration of the Indian Department will erect a more suitable building, will all necessary appliances for a school.

Source: Montreal Daily Witness, Jul 11, 1883



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Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

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