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The Epidemic (1885) | Surnames: Pare

Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

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The Central Board – Caughnawaga in Danger

The Central Board of Health met yesterday afternoon. Dr. Marsden, in the absence of the President, Dr. Hingston, was chosen chairman.

Dr. Pare, of Lachine, reported several cases of smallpox at Caughnawaga and showed that urgent necessity for vigorous vaccination existed. Indians should not be let come into town with out certificates of vaccination.

It was decided to report the matter to Government and ask that a medical man be appointed to undertake the necessary sanitary and other work at Caughnawaga.

The secretary will visit Ottawa to bring the matter at once before the Government.

Medical Inspectors on trains were ordered to begin work at once, exacting certificates of vaccination form all incoming and outgoing passengers.

The isolation of patients in their own houses, wherever practicable, was decided on.



Source: Montreal Daily Witness – Dec. 12, 1885


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Index: Newspaper Clippings Related To Kahnawà:ke  

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