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Chief of the Caughnawaga Indians (1902) | Surname: Sky

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Mr. Joseph Sky, eighty-three years old, a chief of the Caughnawaga Indians, died on Tuesday night at his home in Caughnawaga, N.Y. He was elected chief in 1852, and was chief when the first Indian lacrosse team went to Europe. He was chief when King Edward visited Canada in 1860. He was a noted athlete.

The chief was with Dawson when he surveyed the rout to Manitoba over which the troops went at one time. Chief Sky was better known as a Lachine Rapids pilot than in any other capacity, he having  for years taken rafts down the channel of the rough water with great success. He was a most eloquent orator among Indians in their native Iroquois tongue.


Source: Boston Evening Transcript, Feb 20, 1902


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Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

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  1. Hi, I am looking for information on my great grandmother, her name was jenny sky, she was born in 1877, I don’t have a great deal of information only a bit here and there, my grandmother Frederica rhaune pulvernes was the daughter of jenny sky (native American) and her father last name pulvernes was a Russian/pol businessman , my grandmother was born in east end London 15th November 1919, her mother jenny sky died 2 days later, my grandmother claimed jenny sky was a daughter or granddaughter of redwing, we assumed it was the crow redwing but after doing some research I doubt that it is him but actually the Lakota Sioux redwing as my grandmother spoke a bit in Lakota Sioux language. I know the sky name is synonymous with the Iroquois tribes etc, my grandmother had told my mother that jenny sky was Tuscarora. My grandmother passed away so didn’t really have a lot to do with her as we lived in different countries, I have searched ancestory etc but to no avail, I cannot even find a birth record for my grandmother so I have asked my English uncle if he could track down a birth record for his mother My grandmother so I can see the parents names, as yet they haven’t looked for it. I would really appreciate any information I could get as I would love to have our heritage to pass down to my daughter and granddaughters etc. My grandmother was quite famous in England she went by her married name rhaune laslett O’Brien, she was the founder of the nottinghill carnival amongst other charity work etc. Thank you Bonnie


    Comment by Bonnie Hartung | February 16, 2020 | Reply

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