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A WEDDING AT CAUGHNAWAGA (1882) | Surnames: Jacob, Burtin, Jamieson, Jacks, Jackson, Murray, Laurance

JACOBE-JAMISON. – At Caughnawaga, on the 23rd instant,by the Rev. Father Burtin, Louis Jacobe, to Julia Ann Jamieson, third daughter of James Jamison, of Onediga Point.

It has of late years been much the custom for writers in describing a wedding like that which took place at Caughnawaga on Monday morning, to treat their readers to copious extracts from Tennyson’s “Maud” and to speak of the “garden of girls” that bloomed on the occasion. I do not intend to follow this example, neither do I mean to discourse in rapturous terms about the glories of Mrs. Jacobe’s wedding dress or the marvellous beauties of her bridesmaids’ costumes. How is it possible, indeed, that anyone should do so. Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: : The Morins of Quebec

Claude Morin (Claude-Marie-Francois) | Marie-Madeleine Delestre

October 22nd, 1764, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. merchant wholesaler]

Henri Morin | Marie-Anne Bouchard

January 8th, 1752, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. Merchant]

Jacques Morin (Jacques-Francois) | Marie-Anne Robert

November 4th, 1760,  St-Philippe-de-Laprairie

[Occ. -] Continue reading

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