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Lady Roddick’s Poetry On Her Indian Friends (1942)

WAITING’S WEDDING AND OTHER POEMS. By Amy Redpath Roddick. Montreal: John Dougall and Son. 62 pages. by THOMAS A. KYDD

Lady Roddick, who is Princess Kawennaroroks of the Iroquois, and who is a sterling friend of the Indians of Caughnawaga reservation brings her publications up the even dozen with this book of verse. Some of the Indian poems have a Hiawatha-like flavour and a few of the lines are in the Iroquois. Waiting’s Wedding brings the reader into intimacy with the sons and daughters of Caughnawaga. The merriment and the solemnity of the wedding are described and it is interesting to be told that there is no trace of staging in the Iroquois rituals and rejoicings – all is natural. As for the church itself;

Most unique this church of Caughnawaga;

Iroquois and Latin intermingle

In the sacred chairing. Rome’s established

Utterance calls forth responsive language

rooted in the dim of Hochelaga.

Nowhere else is mass thus celebrated.

Nowhere else has it like appealing.

But while religion hovers over all, there is joyousness and feasting – 18 to sit down to table at a time. And there is the new with the old. The auto is there and some of the Redmen have McGill diplomas.

Included in the book are several revised poems, including What is Canada’s flag? and Couleur de Rose.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Jan 31, 1942

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