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Index: Headstones of St-Constant Cemetery

This is a selection of some of the older headstones of the Cimetière de Saint-Constant which is located not too far from where I live in Chateauguay on Montreal’s South Shore. The images will be appearing every two days or more.

I haven’t photographed all the headstones but if anyone need a particular one then I can go back and get it. Just drop me a line in the comment boxes below.



Baillargeon, Antoine

Baillargeon, Camille

Baillargeon, Guy

Baillargeon, Julienne

Baillargeon, Yves

Baillargeon, Yvette

Bellefleur, Francoise

Bellefleur, Gustave

Bellefleur, Guy

Bellefleur, Joseph

Bellefleur, Real

Bellefleur, Therese

Berthiaume, Sophronie

Boyer, Laura

Brisson, Aurore

Brisson, Edmond

Brisson, Eva

Brisson, Julien

Brosseau, Alphonsine

Bourdeau, Amelia

Cardinal, Andree

Carriere, Alice

Cary, Marie

Charron, Domina

Charron, Octave

Colpron, Marie

Cote, Lirette

Cusson, Gilberte

Cusson, Gilberte

Cusson, Jeannine

Cusson, Laurencia

Cusson, Leon

Cusson, Lorenzo

Cusson, Raymond

Cusson, Yvette

Drainville, Isabelle

Drainville, Madeleine

Dansereau, Irene

Dugas, Orphelia

Emard, Marie

Favreau, Arthur 

Favreau, Madeleine

Favreau, Paul

Favreau, Wilfrid

Forgues, Clara

Gervais, Abondius

Gervais, Julien

Gervais, Napoleon

Gervais, Olympe

Guerin, Eglephyre

Hebert, Bernard

Hebert, Maria

Hebert, Severin

Juaire, Marie

Lemyre, Catherine

Lemyre, Flore Anna

Lussier, Aurise

Lussier, Gilberte

Lussier, Vital

Letourneau, Conrad

Letourneau, Gerard

Letourneau, Gisele

Letourneau, Guy

Letourneau, Marguerite

M – Z

Marcil, Anastasie

Martin, Aurore

Miron, Germaine

Miron, Roch

Miron Lord, Therese

Monchamp, Constant

Monchamp, Delia

Monchamp, Eusebe

Monchamp, Odilon

Moreau, Denise

Moreau, Jean-Paul

Patenaude, Adelard

Patenaude, Arsene

Poupart, Marie-Ange

Poupart, Therese

Primeau, Marguerite

Provencal, Claire

Robidoux, Annette

Robidoux, Cordelia

Robidoux, Jean

Robidoux, Jean-Louis

Robidoux, Joseph

Robidoux, J, Fils

Robidoux, Janine (?)

Sansfacon, Gabrielle

Yelle Francois

Yelle, Yvonne


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