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Reader Query: Bourdeau, Riel, Yelle

Reader Query:

I noticed that you have Bourdeau, Riel & Yelle listed names. I’ve been trying to trace my Grandfather’s family back and have run into a wall. My Grandfather went by the name Fred Burdo. On my Grandfather’s application for Social Security it he states that he was born in what looks like “Crisatom”, Chateauguay, Province of Quebec Canada in 1885. His Father is named as Dave and his mother as Belinda Riel. However on his death certificate, his mother’s name is stated as Blondi Yelle. His name could have been Bourdeau and might have been changed to Burdo when he came to the states in the mid 19th Century. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

Comment by John Bordeau

This comment was a long time ago but in case you’re still looking here is information that may connect-

David Bourdeau (son of Israel Bordeau and Claire Laventure) married Benonise Riel (of minor age, parents unknown) on January 29th, 1883 in St-Jean-Chrysostome parish in Chateauguay.

Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1979

Saint-Chrysostôme, Saint-Jean-Chrysostôme

Baptêmes, mariages, sépultures 1880-1899

 That couple had a son Alfred Bourdeau on May 4th, 1884 and baptized the next day in St-Jean Chrysostome. The parents’ names are listed at David Bourdeau and Melanise (Benonise) Riel.

The godparents were Edouard Riel and Marie Sicard. They were probably the couple Edouard Riel (son of Edouard Riel and Desanges Delage dit Lavigueur) and Marie Sicard (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Sicard and Rose Franche) married on August 13th, 1872 in the same parish.

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