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Reader Query: A Cousineau – Taillefer Family

Hello, I am currently trying to fill the gaps in my family tree. Growing up I was always told that I am Algonquin first nation on my mothers side, whom I was estranged from during most of my childhood. I have asked some family members on that side for more details and none of them can give me any. Nobody wants to talk about it. For them it may not be important, and it may perceptually break apart the identity they hold to, so I understand but none the less I am frustrated. I have a list of names and so far I have not been able to find anything on my own. Both sets of grandparents on my mothers side are francophone, but I am unsure of where either of them came from. All I know is that for part of my mothers childhood they lived in Ottawa. Jen

A Marriage Record

Louis Cousineau (son of Amedee Cousineau and Malvina Taillefer) married Alma Belanger (daughter of Victor Belanger and Mederise Lefebvre) on August 21st, 1928 in Ottawa (Ottawa-Carleton County, Cathedrale parish).

1911 Canada Census: / Ontario / Russell / 54 Russell Township

The following may be your people –

A family including parents Victor and Mederise Belanger and their children: Alma, Bertha and Erma. They are living next door to another Belanger family (Joseph and Philomene and offspring Philomene, Aurore and Alzear in Russell Township. If I’m reading the writing correctly these people were born in Quebec.

1911 Canada Census:  / Ontario / Russell / 29 Gloucester

This is a possibility for your Cousineaus as this is the only Malvina Cousineau listed for that area and she has a son named Louis. You would need to check if any of these names fit with your family.

There is a married woman named Malvina Cousineau living in the household of her in-laws Barnabe and Marceline Cousineau. Malvinas has two daughters named Corine and Marie-Louise  plus one son named Louis. The record states that Barnabe, Marceline  and Malvina were born in Quebec, but Malvina’s  three children were born in the United States.

The in-laws might be the couple Barnabe Cousineau (son of Jean Baptist Cousineau and Francoise Desormeaux) and Marceline Bigra (daughter of Joseph Bigras and Josephte Gauthier) married on July 22nd, 1862 in Laval, Quebec.

Does this  information fit with your family story? If it does I will see if I can find anything further.


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  1. Well this is quite the delayed response. The story seems to fit with what i have heard from my late great-aunt Claire. Thank you:)

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Jen | May 20, 2020 | Reply

  2. Hello!
    When I have a moment I’ll look a little further to see if I can add to it.
    Have a nice day,


    Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | May 20, 2020 | Reply

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