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Parents of Madeleine St-Louis/Billy | Evelyn in Montreal

St-Stanislas-de-Champlain | Carpentier, St-Louis, Lafontaine, Billy

Query by Andrew John Carpentier

Francois Xavier Carpentier m. Rose de Lima Lafontaine 28 June 1846 St. Stanislas de Champlain. Any info on her parents: Joseph (Dubord) Lafontaine & Billy St Louis.


This would be your couple  –

Francois Carpentier (son of Augustin Carpentier and  Marguerite Vermette) married Rose-de-Lima Lafontaine (daughter of Joseph Lafontaine and Madeleine St-Louis/Billy) on June 23rd, 1846 in St-Stanislas (Champlain) QC.

Like you, I was at first unable to find that couple using the typical “dit names” and all the variations I could think of ; however, after some googling I did come up with this intriguing   Madeleine LARIOU LAFONTAINE  family tree by Raymond Dallaire. The family is from the Lac-St-Jean region and what I find interesting is that this Madeleine is listed as a Lafontaine, though  her father is identified as Joseph Lariou Fontaine and the mother’s surname is the same but reversed (Billy St-Louis). The region is the same so this might be a promising trail to follow –

Joseph Lariou Lafontaine (son of Joseph Lariou Lafontaine and Ursule Adam) married Magdeleine St-Louis (daughter of Amable St-Louis and Josephe Lefebvre) on February 6th, 1787 in Ste- Genevieve Parish in Ste-Genevieve-de-Batiscan) in Champlain, Quebec. [Magdeleine is a French form of Madeleine]


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