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This is a series of micro posts about the pioneers of Shippagan in Gloucester County, New Brunswick. Each post is organized around initial information from Msg. Donat Robichaud’s Le Grand Chipagan: Histoire de Shippagan, supplemented with genealogical data from F. Theriault’s Les Families de Caraquet and is now being gradually enriched with information from other sources. These are mostly French-language sources and some aren’t easily available, so if you need more information please leave your questions in the comment box below  🙂


The Albert family - pioneers of Shippegan | New Brunswick Genealogy


Isaac Albert, son of Isaac Albert Albert and Osite Mailloux of Caraquet, first married Marie Chiasson, daughter of Augustin Chiasson and Marie Lanteigne in 1845. Osite died in 1882, and Isaac Albert later married Marie Duguay (Germain Robichaud’s widow) in Shippegan on October 11th, 1886. 

Their children were:

  • Aglae (m. 1872, Joseph Duguay, son of Xavier Duguay)
  • Rose (m. 1876, Jean-Louis Duguay, son of Joseph Duguay and Lea Parise)
  • Marie 
  • Ange (d.infancy)
  • Nazaire Georges (m. 1886, Philomene Losier, daughter of Jean-Louis Losier and Rose McGrath) and then he (m. 1900 Pokemouche, Monique Savoie, daughter of Deus Savoie and Rose Paulin)
  • Sara
  • Cecile (m. 1887, Pierre Peter DeGrace, son of Pierre DeGrace and Constance Mallet).
  • Eugenie (m. 1887, Pierre Hebert, son of Joseph Hebert and Olive Mallet)
  • Agapit (d.1892)


Note: Le Grand Chipagan has the following mentions of the Albert Family:  [At the time of the 1861 census there was an Albert couple living in Shippigan. Octave Albert, a 35 year old fisherman living in Shippagan with his 30 year old wife Seraphie. Octave Albert died in Shippagan in 1867.],   [Agapit Albert, 1 paragraph description of his task in bringing the fish into the factory (La Batisse des chiens de mer), pg. 205],   [Agapit Albert, appears on list of the Beaver’s complement as second to Captain Fabien Hache of Lameque, pg. 256],  [Donat Albert, priest, listed as vicar to Andre Chiasson between 1971 and 1972, pg.95],  [Leonard J. Albert, listed as teacher in 1918 in school in Petit Pokemouche, pg.116],  [Octave Albert,listed in extract from 1861 census returns for Shippegan pg. 394],  [Thomas Albert, priest, pg.75, 76, 91-95, 113].

Note: Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection (FR): [Mrs. John Albert,1904, of Bangor, Maine visits her father Guillaume S. Chiasson for several weeks. Mrs. Albert, for health reasons, came to pass the hot months in Shippagan. We’re happy to report that her arrival among us caused great joy because she’d been away for nine years. She lived in Montreal and then last year she went to the States to join her brother who had been living in Maine for 14 years. There she was married. At the beginning of August she needs to return and will pass by Montreal and Boston in order to visit some friends, and then she’ll go to Bangor, Maine where she lives. Her husband’s been manager of a brick factory in Bangor for several years. She met him there at her brother’s who has a hotel in Bangor.]   [Pauline Albert1940, On November 11th, Pauline Albert and Rolande Gervais will give a home economics workshop at the Assemblee de l’Institut at Mrs. Philippe Hebert’s], [Father Albert,1921, Rev. Lambert, Cure of St.Hilaire (Madawasska) hosted cure Albert last Sunday].



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