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I have been trying to locate my French Canadian Metis Grandmother Azilda LAUZON married to my Grandfather around 1900. his name was Ferdinand deGeurre LAROSE


I don’t have a specific response to your question however the best way to determine your roots is always to start building your family tree so I can give you some leads on that. Below, I’m sharing your grandparents’ marriage (1) which lists your paternal and maternal great-grandparents. Then, I possibly have your grandparents in the 1901 census (2) and finally (3) possibly your maternal great grandparents.


Information 1

Ferdinand Deguire Larose (son of Jean-Baptiste Deguire Larose and Adeline Laurin) married Azilda Lauzon (daughter of Alderic Lauzon and Marceline Dupont) on August 6th, 1888 in Hull, Quebec in Notre-Dame-de-Grace parish.

Source: BMS2000

Information 2

A couple named Ferdinand and Exilda Larose and their three children Yvette, Rene and Josephine were living in Hull in 1901. They are listed as French Canadian and born in Quebec.

Source Information:

1901 Census of Canada
Hull (City/Cité), WRIGHT, QUEBEC
District Number:
Subdistrict Number:
Archives Microfilm:

Information 3

There is another couple present in the same census in nearby Ottawa, Ontario that might be the parents of Azilda/Exilda Lauzon that are mentioned in the marriage record above. They are recorded in the census as Alderic and Marcelline Lauson and their daughter Leonelle. The census says they were born in Quebec.

Source Information:
1901 Census of Canada
Ottawa (Ward/Quartier), OTTAWA (City/Cité), ONTARIO
District Number:
Subdistrict Number:
Archives Microfilm:


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  1. My grandfather was Ferdinand deGuire LaRose and my grandmother Azilda Lauzon LaRose and through courtesy of my third cousin in Montreal has provided me with my ancestry back to Francois Guire I would be pleased to forward the family tree up to my present family

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Larry R LaRose | November 13, 2017 | Reply

    • Thank you for offering your help, Larry.
      Unfortunately I see that the name of the person who submitted the query is missing so I don’t have their contact information 😦
      Hopefully they’ll come across your kind offer.
      Have a good day,


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | November 13, 2017 | Reply

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