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Reader Query:

Hi Evelyn, I’ve just come across your site and love it! I too am a descendant of this wonderful family.

My ggrandfather was Damase Lagace son of Andre Lagace and Domatile Bertrand. Andre was a son of Amable Lagace and Christine Pelletier. I am looking for a death record and possible marriage(s) records for Damase. He was born on 25 May 1883 in Coulonge. He married Rose Mary Beatrice Durocher (daughter of Alderic Brien dit Derochers and Marie Francoise Caille dit Jasmin) on 2 July 1912 at Fort Coulonge. Damase and Beatrice went their separate ways sometime around 1920. Have you come across Damase in your research? Any help you can offer is appreciated.    Sharon Katarincic


Hello Sharon,

I was unable to answer your specific questions but I’m placing what I did come across here along with some miscellaneous information in the hopes it will assist you or that someone else will see your message.


Information 1    Lagaces Births

Andre Lagace and Domitilde Bertrand of Fort Coulonge had the following children (Source: BMS2000 baptismal records)

Napoleon Philias Lagace   Born June 10th, 1877. Baptized July 1st, 1877 in La Passe, Renfrew, Ontario. Godparents were Theophile Bertrand and Delphine Leclerc.

Marie Desilie Lagace   Born November 14th, 1878, Baptized December 8th, 1878 in La Passe, Renfrew, Ontario. Godparents were Vincent Bertrand and Marcelline Malo.

Aime Lagace  Born April 20th, 1881. Baptised April 21st, 1881 in La Passe, Renfrew, Ontario in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. Godparents were Theophile Bertrand and Domitilde Bertrand. Parents from Coulonge, Quebec.

Damase Lagace  Born May 25th, 1883 in Coulonge, Quebec. Baptized June 8th, 1883 in La Passe, Renfrew, Ontario in Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish. Godparents were Guillaume Bertrand and Adeline Bertrand.

Information 2  Lagaces Census Information

The 1911 Canada Census shows an Andrew Lagace (57 yrs.) and Domithilda Lagace ( 56 yrs. living in Fort Coulonge (Pontiac, Quebec) with their daughter Isalie (56 yrs.). Interestingly there’s a next door neighbour named Adeline Bertrand – perhaps Dames’s godmother?

There’s also a couple named Philias and Malvina Lagace in Mansfield which is still in Pontiac,  however I haven’t been able to find their marriage record in the Quebec or Ontario archives to determine whether they’re connected to your family. Interestingly – and I think it’s the first time I’ve run across this – I can’t find the baptismal certificates for any of their children (Dianne, Simone, Romain, Freddie) in the Quebec or Ontario archives, yet the census document states they were born in Quebec. Very unusual!

Information 3   Lagace Marriages

You probably have this but I’m leaving it here to catch the attention of others working on the same branch.

BMS2000 states that Andre Lagace (son of Amable Lagace and Catherine Peltier) married Domitilde Bertrand (daughter of Theophile Bertrand and Marceline Malo) on August 16th, 1875 in La Passe, Renfrew, Ontario (Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish).

LDS Family search records these individuals as Andrew Legacie and Domathilde Bertrand, and states that the parent are Amable and Catherine Legacie. That record states that the marriage took place in Westmeath (Renfrew, Ontario).

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  1. Thank you Evelyn. I do have this information. Perhaps I can help you with Philias and Malvina Lagace. Napoleon Philias Lagace is the son of Andre Lagace and Domithilda Bertrand. He was born on 10 Jun 1877 in Coulonge, Quebec, and baptised on 1 Jul 1877. He died on 26 Sep 1968 in Fort Coulonge, Pontiac, Quebec. Philias married Albina Romain daughter of Joseph Romain and Marie Amanda Leclerc. Albina was born 13 Jun 1882 in Coulonge. She died before 1921 as Philias is listed as widowed in the 1921 census. Albina is listed as “Malvina” on the 1911 census. Philias and Albina were married 23 Jul 1901 in Fort Coulonge, Quebec, Paroisse St-Pierre. I have found 6 children for this couple. Diane Amanda, Simone Margaret, Hector Romain, Alfred, Bernadette Marie Blanche, and Domithilde Cecile Alma. I have found baptism records for Diane, Hector, Bernadette, and Domithilde, but only newpaper articles and border crossings for the others. As an interesting side note, Philias’ sister Desalie married Albina’s brother Philippe.
    I’ve found a wealth of information on this family, unfortunately, my direct line (ggrandfather Damase, and grandfather Irving William Legacy) are much more elusive. If you do happen to come across any information on them, please keep me in mind. I hope this information can help someone else in their search, and maybe I’ll gain a new found cousin!


    Comment by Sharon Katarincic | September 18, 2017 | Reply

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