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Today I’m sharing a question from  Broderick Causley, a descendant of  Solomon Causley / Cazalet and Jane / Marie-Jeanne Riel in the hopes that someone will be able to help him.


Is there any documentation to  prove – or disprove – the theory that the Jane/Marie-Jeanne Riel who married (?)  Solomon Causley/Cazalet was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste (Joseph) Riel  and Marguerite Boucher.

Broderick Causley

Hello,  I am really lost trying to confirm the parents of Jane Riel (heard born 1819 in Manitoulin Island, first name possibly Marie-Jeanne, and married to Joseph Solomon Causley). I believe her parents are Jean Baptiste Riel (born 21 Apr 1785 in Berthier, Quebec and died 4 Apr 1868 in Montreal, Quebec) and Marguerite Boucher (born 1790 and died 21 Jan 1864 in Saint-Boniface, last name possibly Wassegijig). I can’t find a record of this and I’m not sure if it is true. Do you know where I could find one? Thank you!

My reply

These are my first observations/questions.
1. Do you have your Causely side fully researched? Are you confident of being a Causely spelled that way (with an English background)?Do you have the marriage information.  I’m asking because as some people anglicized their names you could also be a  Cazelet.
2. I have not seen a Marie-Jeanne in Quebec records born to the Riel you mention. This is a very famous family. Do you have family lore about being related to the famous Metis Louis Riel?
Broderick Causley

I feel like the Causley side is researched, but it is in a way that I don’t have documents.  I have a word document that was shared about the Causley line.  And you are right about Causley/Cazelet.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) it is not fixed and has changed over time.  I believe the name Cazelet moved from Germany, to France, to Canada.

I was told that it is in fact the very famous Riel family.  My father (who is a Causley) died when I was one year old, and that side of my family has been mostly a mystery to me.  My sister was first to hear about the connection, but we haven’t been able to confirm it over the years.

I believe that Jane Riel and Joseph Solomon Causley had 5 kids, and that Marguerite Causley is one of them.  She would be a different Marguerite, maybe they wnated to reuse the name?

I have written here the names of the five children between Jane and Joseph, and what looks like birth dates and death dates.  Would you like me to send that to you?

Broderick Causley
Joseph Solomon Causley [b 22 Jun 1802] married [m 1853] Jane (Marie-Jeanne) Riel [b 1819], and their children are:
 a1 – Marie Causley [b 1840 in Manatoulin Island, Ontario; d 02 May 1925 in Blind River, Ontario]
 a2 – Benjamin Causley [b 19 Feb 1846 in Ontario; d 10 Oct 1927 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario]
 a3 – Marguerite Causley [b 1850 in Algoma Mills, Ontario]
 a4 – Mary Madeline Causley [b 02 Jan 1852 in Bruce Mines, Ontario; d 11 Apr 1913 in Blind River, Ontario]
 a5 – Adelaide Causley [b 1855 in Little Current, Manatoulin Island, Ontario; d 16 Aug 1927 in Algoma, Ontario]
*Half children with his other wife Angelique are:
 b1 – Etienne (Stephen) Causley [b 1835; d 1882 in West Branch of Blind River]
 b2 – Margaret Causley [b 1836]
 b3 – Angelique Causley [b 1839]
 b4 – Rosella Causley [b 1842 in Huron County; d 23 Jul 1907 in Blind River, Ontario]
 b5 – Sophia Causley [b 1842]
 b6 – Delia Causley [b 1844]
 b7 – Lawrence Causley [b 1844]
 b8 – Mary Causley [b 1846]
 b9 – Charlotte Causley [born 1848]
For the siblings of Joseph Solomon Causley, the children of Ignace Cazelet [b 09 Jan 1775 in Montreal, Quebec; d 1859 in Sarnia, Ontario] and Angélique Champagne [b 01 Jul 1780 in Fox Creek, Grosse Pointe, Michigan; d 15 Dec 1846 in Sarnia, Ontario] are:
 d1 – Ignace Causley [b 07 Sep 1800 in Near Point Edward, Ontario; d 06 Apr 1868 in Sarnia, Ontario]
 d2 – Joseph Solomon Causley [b 22 Jun 1802 in Port Huron, Michigan]
 d3 – Marie (Mary) Causley [b 14 Mar 1804 in Port Huron, Michigan]
 d4 – Pierre (Leonard) Causley [b 27 Jan 1806 in Port Huron, Michigan; d 21 Aug 1889 in Southhampton, Ontario]
 d5 – Angelique Causley [b 1807 in Port Huron, Michigan]
 d6 – Gabriel Causley [b 30 Dec 1813 in Port Huron, Michigan; d 11 Mar 1861 in Port Huron, Michigan]
 d7 – Edward Causley [b 05 Mar 1814]
 d8 – Jacques (James-Rufus) Causley [b 15 Oct 1816 in Port Huron, Michigan; d 29 Nov 1890 in Bay City, Michigan]
 d9 – Cecile Causley [b 14 Feb 1819 in Port Huron, Michigan]
 d10 – Pierre (Peter) Causley [b 04 Jul 1821 in St. Clair River, Canadian side; d 12 Apr 1883 in Hume, Huron County, Michigan]
 d11 – (John) Vincent Causley [b 15 May 1824 in St. Clair River, Canadian side; d 10 May 1904 in West Bay City, Michigan]
For the siblings of Jane (Marie-Jeanne) Riel, the children of Jean-Baptiste (Joseph) Riel [b 21 Apr 1785 in Berthier, Quebec; d 4 Apr 1868 in Montreal, Quebec] and Marguerite Boucher [b 1790], who married 1812 in Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan are:
 e1 – Marie-Louise Riel [b 1811; d 1895]
 e2 – Francis Riel [b 15 Aug 1813]
 e3 – Joseph (Jean-Louis) Riel [b 7 Jun 1817 in Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan; d 21 Jan 1864 in St Boniface, Manitoba] who married [m 21 Jan 1844 in St Boniface, Manitoba]  Julie Lagimonière [b 1822 in Manitoba]
 e4 – Jane (Marie-Jeanne) Riel [b 1819 in Manitoulin Island OR Montreal, Quebec]
 e5 – Sophie Riel [b 1821 in Berthieville, Quebec; d 27 May 1830 in St. Hilaire, Quebec]
 e6 – Jean-Baptiste (Rehel) Riel [b Oct 1827 in St. Hilaire, Quebec; d 29 Sep 1889 in Montreal, Quebec]
 e7 – Lucie Priscille Riel [b 1832 in St. Hilaire, Quebec; d 3 Aug 1894 in Jean-Baptiste, Montreal]
 e8 – Charlotte Riel [b 21 May 1832]
 e9 – Francois Riel [b 15 Aug 1833 in St. Hilaire, Quebec; d 22 Apr 1916 in St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba]
 e10 – Charles Riel [b 1840; d 1841]
Final Reply

I haven’t found a definitive answer in primary sources – although I’m only able to access primarily Quebec/Ontario records. As you say the theory is mentioned here and there on the internet but I found a GENI page that at least has some references –

Joseph Solomon Causley (Cazelet) (1802 – 1883) – Genealogy – Geni

Jane Causley (Riel) (1819 – d.) – Genealogy – Geni

On the Jane Causally page there is this notation “

“. It is taken from the Specht Indian Genealogies – Specht was a Priest who reconstructed the families about the Manitoulin and along the North Shore.  Genevieve Jane * Riel, born Bet. 1819 – 1823 in North West. She was the daughter of 2. Joseph Riel and 3. Marguerite Wassegijig. Underneath there’s another reference “Genealogy of Red River Households, 1818-1870. History of the First Metis Nation. Compiled by D.N.Sprague and R.P.Frye”

You can consult that book here:  The genealogy of the first Metis nation  for free!

Apparently you can contact the person in charge of the page directly and since they updated their page recently you will hopefully get what you’re looking for!


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 Image Source:
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  1. His first resistance was the Red River Rebellion of 1869–1870.[2] The provisional government established by Riel ultimately negotiated the terms under which the modern province of Manitoba entered the Canadian Confederation.[3] Riel ordered the execution of Thomas Scott, and fled to the United States to escape prosecution. Despite this, he is frequently referred to as the “Father of Manitoba”.[4] While a fugitive, he was elected three times to the House of Commons of Canada, although he never assumed his seat. During these years, he was frustrated by having to remain in exile despite his growing belief that he was a divinely chosen leader and prophet, a belief which would later resurface and influence his actions. Because of this new religious conviction, Catholic leaders who had supported him before increasingly repudiated him. He married in 1881 while in exile in Montana in the United States; he fathered three children.
    The children would have american birth registrations, so he did have children just not in Canada
    Born Louis David Riel
    22 October 1844
    Red River Colony, Rupert’s Land, British North America
    Died 16 November 1885 (aged 41)
    Regina, Northwest Territories, Canada
    Spouse(s) Marguerite Monet dit Bellehumeur (1881–1885)


    Comment by Mona Cicciarella | October 17, 2017 | Reply

  2. I have the same Question I was told she was the great Aunt of Louis Riel and she is Married to my 3xs Great Uncle Joseph Solomon Causley and I do have the Cazelet/Causley’s family line for I have been researching them for about 20 plus years this is my mothers family.


    Comment by Christy DeRidder | November 16, 2017 | Reply

    • This also my father’s maternal line. Marie-Jeanne was sister to Louis Riel Sr.


      Comment by LO’Hara | February 19, 2020 | Reply

  3. For the child of Marie Jeanne Riel and Solomon Joseph Causley (Cazalet) it’s Florence Marie Causley, she was born March 17th 1841 in Manitoulin and died April 12 1918. Just for clarification!
    She is my great-great-great grandmother.


    Comment by dearwestkids | December 8, 2020 | Reply

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