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Looking for info or proof that Michel Carbonneau, my grand-father married Caroline Derome dit Descarreaux. She was possibly a descendant of Innu ancestry. My grand-father was a well renown sculptor in Québec city (specially for the Carnaval of Québec). I am looking for proof of my aboriginal origin and ancestry. I would like to know any Innu out there with info of our link to their society (Carbonneau, Venne, Derome dit Descarreaux). My grand-father was travelling for sculpting purpose all over Quebec – specially contract inside the church (sculpture). Went to the north shore of St-Lawrence river. Please contact acarbonn@mts.net.

Information 1  Vital Records – Marriage

Michel Carbonneau  married Marie-Caroline Derome Descarreaux  on August 31st, 1903 in St-Sauveur Parish in the Quebec City area. Michel’s parents were Michel Carbonneau and Lucie Gendron. Marie-Caroline’s parents were Delphis Derome Descarreau and Marie-Caroline Daigneault Laprise. Source: BMS2000.

I’ve been unable to find a Delphis Derome Descarreaux/Marie-Caroline Daigneault Laprise marriage after searching  extensively under the various surnames. I did list several marriages of their offspring in #4 below and in the first of the marriages he is recorded as Joseph-Delphis.  It is possible that they were married under the following names:

Joseph Derome (son of Charles Derome and Elisabeth Lepage) and Marie-Caroline Dagneau (daughter of Antoine Dagneau and Angelique Bolduc) on October 9th, 1876 in St-Roch, Quebec. A quick perusal of other people’s online family trees shows no signs of Native ancestry.


Information 2   Census Records – Carbonneau 

This appears to be your grandfather in 1901 (before marriage) living in the household of his parents Michel Carbonneau and Lucie Gendron.

Carbonneau Michel (Aug 18 1858) and Carbonneau Lucie (Oct 16, 1861) and their offspring: Caroline (Apr 28 1878), Michell (Jul 1 1880), Napoléon (Dec 28 1882), Angélina (Aug 5 1884 ), Elzéar (Dec 8 1886), Evonne Aug 8 1891), Genéva (Apr 6 1893).     Source: 1901 Census of Canada, Subdistrict: Quebec (City/Cité) (East/Est) Saint-Sauveur (Ward/Quartier), QUÉBEC (City/Cité) (East/Est), QUEBEC District Number: 183 Subdistrict Number: c-9 Archives Microfilm: T-6540  http://automatedgenealogy.com/census/View.jsp?id=82461&highlight=1&desc=1901+Census+of+Canada+page+containing+Michel+Carbonneau)

In the 1911 census this looks like  your now married grandparents Michel Carbonneau and Marie-Caroline Derome Descarreaux living in the same area.

Carbonneau Michel and wife Caroline with offspring Marie Jeanne and Evariste. Source: 1911 Census of Canada, Quebec, Quebec East, 27 St. Sauveur ward.



Information 3 Census Records – Derome dit Descarreaux – Daigneault Laprise

This would appear to be your grandmother Marie-Caroline Derome dit Descarreaux‘s parents (Delphis Derome Descarreaux and Caroline Daigneault Laprise in the 1911 census for the same area as the Carbonneaus.

Derome dit Descarreau Delphis (1856) his wife Caroline (1857) and their children Napoléon (1884), Rodolphe (1891) Henri (1896 adopted). Source: Census 1911, Quebec, Quebec East, 26 St. Sauveur ward



Information 4   Vital Records – Derome Descarreaux – Daigneault Laprise

Joseph-Francois-Xavier Derome Descarreaux (son of Joseph-Delphis Derome Descarreaux and Marie-Caroline Daigneau Laprise) married Marie-Louise Goudreau (daugher of Alexandre Goudreau and Eleonore Bedard) on September 4th, 1905 in St. Malo Parish in Quebec City area.

Joseph-Edouard-Henri Derome Descarreaux (son of Joseph Derome Descarreaux and Marie-Caroline Daignault) married Marie-Yvonne Beaupre (daughter of Gaudiose Beaupre and Emilie Cardinal) on August 27th, 1917 in St. Malo parish in Quebec City area.

Napoleon Derome Descarreaux (son of Delphie Derome Descarreaux and Caroline Laprise) married Eva Jeffrey (daughter of Andre Jeffrey and Caroline Parent) on August 13th, 1917 in St. Sauveur Parish in Quebec City.

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  1. I want to Thanks all the researchers. – André Carbonneau


    Comment by Andre Carbonneau | June 25, 2018 | Reply

  2. Any chance that my grand-mother be adopted at birth or at some other point in her life from la famille Derôme-dit-Descarreaux?


    Comment by Andre Carbonneau | September 23, 2018 | Reply

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