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Query by Glenn McDonald

On one of your posts, I followed a link that showed native marriages from the 1900’s. On 8/5/1901 Louis Jocks married Anne McComber in st. Francois Xavier parish, in Caughnawaga
How can I get more detail of this marriage, trying to trace my ancestry to Louis Jocks? Are the parish records available online? Appreciate all your posts!


The Caughnawaga/Kahnawake marriages on this site are transcribed from Ancestry.com or BMS2000.org.I do not have an Ancestry.com subscription at the moment but I do see this information at BMS200. The advantage at Ancestry is that there is always the original record to look at – however the searching is difficult because many of the transcriptions are badly done. BMS200 is a much higher quality search but the originals are not always available.

Here is the couple you mentioned – if you want more help let me know 🙂

Louis Jocks Oronhiatakon (son of Jean-Baptiste Karonhiaktatie and Catherine Iakohawison Laurent) married Anne McComber Tekonwakennion (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Taronhiaketon and Marie-Jeanne Skawennati d’Ailleboust) on August 5th, 1901 in Kahnawake (Laprairie, Quebec).

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