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My name is Melissa LaCroix and live in Massachusetts. I am researching my family LaCroix. As you can imagine its a bit confusing knowing which person you are related to. Especially when I get into records in Canada, everything is in French and I don’t read or speak the language. I know that my Great Great Grandfather was Napoleon LaCroix (1871-1918 died in Quebec, Canada) and married Amanda Beaudoin. I have traced her line and she is related to the Nobleman Solon Beaudoin. Amanda moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts after Napoleon died to be with her children. Some of her children were Edgar LaCroix (my great grandfather), Sylvio, Philip, and Conrad. I know there are more siblings.

I was wondering if you might have more information on this branch of LaCroix? Any information would be so helpful

Thank you and I look forward hearing from you

Melissa LaCroix


Information 1


Napoleon Lacroix (son of Pierre Lacroix and Angele Latulippe) married Amanda Beaudoin (daughter of Louis Beaudoin and Philomene Bernier) on May 12th, 1896 in St. Raphael parish in Bellechasse (Quebec, Canada).

Pierre Lacroix (son of Jean Lacroix and Hermine Rheaume) married Angele Latulippe (daughter of Pierre Latulippe and Marie-Josephte Gonthier) on August 5th, 1862 in St. Raphael parish in Bellechasse (Quebec, Canada).

Using the BMS2000 database (no original documents) I was unable to find a marriage for a Jean Lacroix and Hermine Rheaume but I did find the following marriage for a Pierre Lacroix and an Hermine Rheaume.

Pierre Lacroix (son of Pierre Lacroix and Marguerite Labrecque) married Hermine Rheaume (daughter of Clement Rheaume and Marie-Louise Mercier) on June 14th, 1831 in Sts. Gervais-et-Protais in St. Gervais (Bellechasse, Quebec).

In a second search using the name Jean Lacroix alone I found no marriages to an Hermine or to a Rheaume and in a third search using only the name Hermine Rheaume, I also found no other marriages.


Information 2

 Looking for clues in online family trees I found this one at  Généalogie Jean-Baptiste Lacroix with the following notation:

“Mariage entre Pierre-rayé et corrigé par Jean Lacroix fils mineur de Pierre Lacroix cultivateur et Marguerite Labrec et Hermine Rhéaume fille mineure de Clément Rhéaume cultivateur et Marie-Louise Mercier de St-Charles en présence de Pierre Lacroix père, Pierre Lacroix frère et Etienne Roy beau-frère de l’Époux et Clémnent Rhéaume père et Noel et Louis Rhéaume frères et Francois Leblond ami de l’épouse”.

which would indicate that the marriage record between Pierre Lacroix and Hermine Rheaume was crossed out and corrected by his son Jean Lacroix. If this is correct (and you could check this yourself at Ancestry.com or LDS records), then the next generation would indeed be

Pierre Lacroix (son of Charles Lacroix and Marie Paquette) married Marguerite Labrecque (daughter of Joseph Labrecque and Marie-Anne Lacasse) on February 22nd, 1802 in Sts. Gervais-et-Protais in St. Gervais (Bellechasse, Quebec).

Good luck with your search!



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