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An Algonquin Canoe Mystery | Clement Lariviere & Lacroix Neveu

Help Requested   🙂

Maniwaki – Algonquin – Lacroix Neveu – Foubert

Carolyn Collins has reason to believe (DNA testing & family artifact) that her ancestor (possibly Mathilde Lacroix) was Algonquin or part Algonquin. Using online information compiled by other researchers I’ve been able to establish that her maternal ancestors’ surnames (Lacroix Neveu & Foubert) do exist as Metis surnames in the Maniwaki area, and that the family has roots in that area. Her complete query and what I found is below.


Carolyn Collins says:

Hi, I am looking for information on a Mathilde Lacroix who married Joseph & or Joachim Lariviere. Mathilde Lacroix is my Great Great Grandmother, I have found records of her and Joseph for the birth and marriages of their children, but no records on their marriage, so I am unable to confirm who her parents were.

I believe that Mathilde is either full or part Algonquin, I had my Father’s DNA tested and he came back 20% Algonquin and my 1st cousin had his DNA tested and it showed he also had 1 allele from the Algonquin in the Maniwaki area.

I believe she was born approx 1830, her husband, Joseph Lariviere was born March 19 1823 in Mirabel, Deux-Montagnes, Québec, Canada. Their son, my Great Grandfather was Antoine Lariviere, born Nov 13 1859 in Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada. I also found a reference my Mathilde Lacroix in a book from Bouchette, Quebec about all the founding families. In that book I was able to trace my paternal grandmother back to Mathilde Lacroix, but no reference to her parents in that book or her marriage.

I also have one other piece to the puzzle, in the 1970’s the government gave my Grandfather a 3 foot birch bark canoe replica that they said sat in Parliament for over 50 years. It was given to a Governor General as a gift by an Algonquin Chief. Parliament was apparently cleaning house, so they wanted to return it to the Chief’s family and they traced the canoe back to my Grandmother (who had since passed away). Over time the information regarding the canoe has been lost and so with my Grandfather also now passed away, we have no way to confirm names or exact dates. I now have the canoe and would love very much to connect it to my family to complete the story.

I have used the Quebec Genealogy Dictionary and these 2 websites, geneologyquebec.com and genealogie.umontreal.ca with greet success to confirm my entire paternal family tree with the exception of Mathilde Lacroix. any help you could offer would be sincerely appreciated.

Information 1

I have come across a French-language site  (Biographie Neveu Rose-Mathilde)  and you should definitely contact the individual who posted the information. (If it seems that the individual speaks only French then include the notation “Vous pouvez repondre en francais” or ask for my help).

In the meantime, here is the gist of what he or she says:

The marriage of Joseph Joachim Clément dit Larivière et de Mathilde Neveu dit Lacroix quite possibly took place in the nearest parish – St-Gregoire-de-Naziance-de-Buckingham – for which the 1846 registers are missing. The last registry for the parish is in 1845 and then it picks up again in 1847. The  couple had a son (Francois-Xavier Lariviere –  aka Francis) in 1847.

To determine Mathilde Lacroix’s parentage, the author carefully scrutinized the baptismal records of their children (# 1 – 6) to determine the godparents (and the godparents’ relationship to the couple) in each case.  The author lists the registers consulted under the #6. Based on this the author places Mathilde in this Neveu dit Lacroix  family tree.

 Mathilde’s father is listed as Antoine Neveu Lacroix.  Interestingly, her father had another wife Suzanne Leger Parisien who was the daughter of Hyacinthe Leger Parisien and an Indian Woman.

Mathilde’s mother Marie-Marguerite Foubert was the daughter of Amable Foubert and Rose-Mathilde Dunning. Interestingly, again,  Mathilde’s father also had another wife – Marie-Agathe Koutachiwashi (parents unknown) of Long Sault!

That family tree gives July 23rd, 1826 as Rose-Mathilde Lacroix’s date of baptism. If you follow that tree to the top you reach Thomas Neveu dit Lacroix (St.Ours, Carignan soldier) from Virey, Avranches, Normandie and Jeanne Thouin of Repentigny who were married on April 21st, 1703, Repentigny (Quebec). The direct line appears to be French (though I did not follow the collateral lines).

Information 2

In further researching the Neveu dit Lacroix surname for the region of Maniwaki, I found a  site  run by a Maniwaki Metis organization. I know nothing about this organization but they would be worth contacting as well.

They list the Metis names known in the Maniwaki area (Lac St. Marie, Lac des Sables and along the Lievre rivers) in 1870. The list does include the surnames of Mathilde’s father and mother.

Asselin – Beaudoin – Beaulieu – Beauregard – Danis – David –
Faubert/Foubert – Fournier – Godin – Jussiaume – Kitchinapueit – Lavallée –
Lavigne – McDougall.- McKenzie – McGregor – NaultNeveu dit Lacroix
Paquette – Paul – Riel – Sabourin – Séguin – Tomosko – Truchon dit Léveillé –
Vanasse – Vignola/Violon


Information 3

Alliances et descendances des familles algonquiennes  is a site I am familiar with and all the Algonquin marriages I’ve checked out from their site (by comparing with original documents) have been accurate. If you click on the tab REPERTOIRE at the top of the page it will lead you to the Index des families. These are some Algonquin Lacroixs  and if you go the site there’s a lot more information.

Andre Lacroix (son of Pierre Lacroix and Marie McGulpin) and Veronique Mactini, an Indian Woman.

Louis Lacroix | Tshipaiatik, Tcipaiatik (son of Andre Lacroix and Veronique Makateinini) and Marie Miskawbanokwe, Kobat, Couverte, Lacouverte.

William Guillaume Lacroix | Tcipiaitik (son of Andre Lacroix and Eulalie Veronique Makateinini) and Marie Anne Anakan (daughter of Pouillawe and Marie Josette Anakan).

Information 4 – Suggestion

For the canoe story, I would suggest you contact a research librarian at Library and Archives Canada  because there might be an archive of all the letters that relate to a cultural artifact.  [edit: already done] Other people who might be helpful would be those at the  The Canadian Canoe Museum.

I find it interesting that there was a well known Maniwaki birch bark worker called Clement, which is the the dit name for your Lariviere,in addition to William Commanda who built canoes but in a later period.


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External Links

The Caboose – Cumberland Township Historical Society (pg. 11 mentions Mathilde?)

Église de Saint-Grégoire-de-Nazianze – Répertoire du patrimoine



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  1. I am following a lead on my maternal line and would like to compare mtDNA with Carolyn Collins.


    Comment by ceenan | December 16, 2017 | Reply

  2. Hello, i`ve also been trying to find information concerning my ancestor and their possible Algonquin roots. From what i’ve gathered, there is a Domithilde Lacroix dite Nepveu (born around 1839 daughter of Jean-Baptiste Lacroix and Marie Morin), although she married Moïse Danis in 1854 in Maniwaki. They had 18 children, which includes Gabriel Danis, which is my ancestor. He married 3 times, his second wife was Baselisse Lemieux. Of that union they had a daughter named Florida Danis.
    My paternal grandmother would be Florida’s daughter, and i know she stated often that although the last name was written Danis it was spelled Downey, which is one of the Algonquin name from Maniwaki.
    I don’t know if the Domithilde is the same person as your ancestor but i also know she was being called Mathilde.
    If i get more information i’ll notify you.

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by Sandy | February 27, 2018 | Reply

    • Hi Sandy, I believe I did find a Domithilde Lacroix in my research, but all the documents I found on my Mathilde Lacroix’s children’s baptisms and marriages shows her married to a Joachim Lariviere. Also I have a book from Bouchette, Quebec on their founding families, that also showed Mathilde married to Joachim right on down to my Grandmother Jeannette Marie Lariviere, so I don’t think they are the same person. Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Carolyn Collins | November 16, 2018 | Reply

  3. Quebec 03/07/2018
    Dear Carolyn
    I have many info in my family tree from Thomas Nepveu Lacroix to us. During my research ( 2 years ) I learned to be carefull, many Antoine Lacroix in the Maniwaki area. The one that is related to Foubert and Danis family maried Marie Marguerite Foubert in Montebello 1825-01-24
    If you tell me what is missing now in your family tree i could certainly help with all info i got.
    I speak french.

    C. L. Lacroix

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Chantal L. Lacroix | March 7, 2018 | Reply

    • Hi, thank you so much for your reply, I can give you the names I have so far, everyone appears to be French from my research. I haven’t looked it in awhile, but I will take a good look and send you what I have. I really appreciate any help you could offer, it is a mystery I would love to solve. Sincerely, Carolyn

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Carolyn Collins | November 16, 2018 | Reply

      • Hi Chantal,
        Sorry, I do not speak French unfortunately, I wish I did.
        I too have been researching my tree for a number of years, the sources I have found very helpful are the genealogyquebec.com website and the Quebec Genealogy Dictionary.
        Here is what I have so far in my family tree for the Neveu dit Lacroix line,

        -Thomas Neveu dit Lacroix, born 1668 Virey, Avranches, Normandy, France death unknown, married Jeanne Thouin
        -Jean Baptiste Neveu dit Lacroix, born April 30, 1704 Repentigny, L’Assomption, Quebec, died Dec 12, 1774 Pointe-Claire, Quebec, married Marie Catheine Thibault Leveille
        -Louis Pascal Neveu dit Lacroix, born April 9, 1735, Riviere-des-Prairies, Montreal, died November 22 1821 Ste-Therese, Terrebonne, Quebec, married Marie Charlotte Hunault Deschamps
        -Joseph Marie Neveu dit Lacroix, born Jan 7 1767, Laval, Quebec, died May 23 1837, Terrebonne, Quebec, married Marie Josephte St. Louis did Filiatrault
        -Antoine Neveu dit Lacroix, born Sept 4 1795, Ste Rose Laval, Quebec, died May 1, 1881 Montebello, Quebec married Marie Marguerite Foubert
        -Mathilde Neveu dit Lacroix born July 23, 1826 Montebello, Papineau, Quebec, died Jan 4 1901 Maniwaki, Gatineau, Quebec married Joachim Clement dit Lariviere
        -Antoine Lariviere born Nov 13 1859, Maniwaki, Quebec, died Oct 29, 1918, Bouchette, La Vallee-de-la-Gatineau, Quebec married Adeline Lariviere (I believe they were first cousins, Adeline’s Father was Moise Lariviere)
        -Jeanette Marie Lariviere, (my paternal Grandmother), born Nov 20 1910, Bouchette, Quebec, died April 19, 1964, Ottawa, ON, married James Gerald Bambrick.

        I hope my dates and places are correct, are these the same people that are in your family tree?

        Thank you again for your reply, I hope to hear more about your research into your family tree, take care, Carolyn


        Comment by Carolyn Collins | December 28, 2018 | Reply

        • Hi Carolyn,
          As far as i know all dates nd places are good. Our tree split @ Joseph and Josephte Filiatreault. Yours is then from Antoine, widowed of Suzanne Leger dit Parisien, maried to Marguerite Foubert after, and ours is from Jean-Baptiste his brother maried to Mary Morin.
          But i followed all members of this family to understand the links between those families. It is a very interesting story and i found were the mixed blood began and who were natives or part natives.
          Thanks for your reply
          Here is my email if you want to share something else don’t hesitate. chacal.leg0@gmail.com


          Comment by Chantal L. Lacroix | December 28, 2018 | Reply

    • I might need your assistance as well. I am from the Foubert Line!


      Comment by Madison Schell | November 24, 2019 | Reply

  4. Hi I am related to Josephine Lacroix dit Neveu she was my great great grand mother she married Joseph Groulx from Bouchette I think her father was Jules or Julius Lacroix. From this marriage Elizabeth Groulx was born 1865-1944 she Married Amable Foubert on 18 Jan. 1885 in Bouchette. from this union my grandma was born Rosalie Olympe Foubert . I know by my listing Amable Foubert born 13 May 1766 in L’Annonciation d’Oka Lac des Montagnes Que he married Agathe Kaoutaskawatchiki from either Gatineau Que or Low Que.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Muriel Lafleur | August 15, 2018 | Reply

  5. Gabriel Foubert (Phobert)
    And Marie-Josephe Houle
    Married in Lachine 1778-sept-21
    Their son Antoine Amable is born in Vaudreuil 1782-march-30
    He had children with Agathe Kaonstakawatche
    Joseph married Caroline Laroque Rocbrune in Buchingham 1842-feb-07
    (They were cousins : Joseph’s father and Caroline’s mother was both children of Gabriel Foubert )
    Their son Amable born in 1854 is the one who married Elizabeth Groulx in Bouchette 1885-jan-18 she is the daughter of Joseph Groulx and Josephine Lacroix

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Chantal L. Lacroix | October 27, 2018 | Reply

    • I am a decendant of the Lacroix dit Neveu. My grandma Rosalie Foubert was the daughter of Elisabeth Groulx wife of Amable Foubert Elizabeth Groulx was the daughter of Josephine Lacroix & Joseph Groulx of Bouchette QC

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Muriel Lafleur | December 25, 2018 | Reply

  6. Here is my lineage to the Nepveu-Lacroix family.
    Jean Nepveu dit Lacroix- Jacqueline Louiche or Leriche: Avranches, Normandie, France
    Thomas(Francois) Nepveu dit Lacroix – Jeanne Touin: Married 1703 Repentigny, QC
    Jean-Baptiste Nepveu dit Lacroix (1704) – Catherine Leveille
    Louis-Pascal Nepveu dit Lacroix (1734) – Charlotte Henault dite Deschamps
    Joseph Nepveu dit Lacroix (1774) – Josephitte Saint-Louis dite Filiatrault
    Joseph Nepveu dit Lacroix (1804) – Rose Faubert
    Augustin I Nepveu dit Lacroix (1842) – Delphine Lacourse
    Augustin II Nepveu dit Lacroix (1861) – Marcelline Bastien
    Augustin III Nepveu dit Lacroix (1888) – Marie Maurice
    Aldege Lacroix (1914-1995) – Delia Saumure (1919- 1991) Bouchette, QC
    Edgar Clement (1938- present)- Lisette Lacroix (1946-2013) Messines, QC

    My grandmother Lisette Lacroix is a Metis with the Alliance Autochtone du Quebec. I am not certain as to where the native joins the family line. I have a suspicion that it may be with Marie Maurice.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Lee | December 25, 2018 | Reply

  7. Hi Lee,
    My Neveu-Lacroix family dates back to France as well, I still can not find any metis in my family tree, but DNA does not lie (i hope lol) and my father is 20% Algonquin from the Maniwaki area, so it is very confusing. I hope to find the connection one day, I have other people in my family tree that I have connected with through the myheritage and ancestry websites,so I do believe we will solve the mystery one day lol.


    Comment by Carolyn Collins | December 28, 2018 | Reply

    • Hope this helps, but I also need help in the same thing your trying to prove so here is what I have.
      Antoine Neveu/Lacroix oldest son of Joseph and Marie Filiatrau of Cumberland
      Suzanne Leger/Parisienne fille majeure de d,Hyacinthe and Sauvagsse infedel absente de Buckingham
      As I understand the infedel is because she never accepted the catholic faith.
      Also sauvagesse also means savage as in Indian.
      In case this helps I have the archive copy of this from archives.
      Not fluent in French but I try.
      Contact me if you want


      Comment by Gilles Guenette | April 4, 2019 | Reply

  8. Hi all, i have recently started doing my tree as well. I was also told my native (metis) heritage came from my grandmother on my fathers side (lacroix) she was a Brisson. But, i am now thinking it is from the Lacroix side.. I have found that Amable Foubert had many children with Rose Mathilde Dunning, Marie Maguerite Foubert (which keeps the lines going to the Lacroix) However, Amable Foubert remarried Marie-Agathe Koutachiwashi (native american) I am now reconsidering that perhaps i am not Metis at all as, Amable and Marie only had 2 children together Joseph Foubert 1825 and Leon Foubert. I cannot find their lineage connecting to Lacroix. Has anyone else news. My email is darlene_44@hotmail.com thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by darlene lacroix | October 23, 2019 | Reply

  9. I am a descendant of the Foubert Line and I am attempting to prove Metis heritage and connection here in Ontario.

    Not sure if I can help you or vice versa but am open to talking!


    Comment by Madison Schell | November 23, 2019 | Reply

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