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Blanche Eva Marie LaPlant | Evelyn in Montreal

Barbara Wilson said:

I am looking for information regarding Blanche Eva Marie LaPlant b. October 8, 1896 in Quebec, Canada.Her father and mother are Augustin LaPlant and Esther LeFevre no information on either.Her paternal grandfather was Joseph LaPlant Sr. and her paternal grandmother was Alphousine Valade.

What I know about her was that she was raised in a Catholic convent from the time she was 8 years old on although she had siblings and her parents were still alive.Her father was a journalist and worked for a newspaper.She married Daniel Henry Biles and moved eventually to California where she lived in LaPuente until she died at age 74.

I have looked for information regarding her for 19 years.I have not found anything.Any help would be appreciated.



1.This might be a brother.

Arthur Laplante
Father  Augustin Laplante
Mother  Esther Lefebvre
Godfather Ulric Valin
Godmother Elvarie Lavoie
Birth  May 8th, 1899
Baptism  May 11th, 1899
Parish  Notre Dame de Grace
Location  Hull, Quebec, Canada

2. In case you are not aware, Hull is a Quebec city right next to Ottawa which is in the province of Ontario. I think I have found your couple as follows:

Marriage record
Augustin Laplante,
son of Augustin Laplante and Sarah Bergeron
Estheria Lefebvre,
daughter of Pierre Lefebvre and Brigitte Grenier
Parish Ste-Anne
Location Ottawa, Ottawa-Carleton, Ontario, Canada
DateJuly 30th, 1894

3. Marie Sara Laplante
Godparents Louis Labadie and Marguerite Rivest
BirthOctober 29th 1876
Baptism November 1st 1876
Parish N.D.de Lourdes, Cyrville
Location Ottawa, Ottawa-Carleton, Ontario

Jule Arthur Laplante
GodparentsFrancis Perault and Aglae charbonneau
Birth July 8th, 1880
BaptismJuly 18th, 1880
Same parish and location

Augustin Laplante
Godparents Jean Baptiste charon and Elizabeth Lepage
BirthDecember 20th, 1884
BaptismDecember 20th, 1884
Same parish and location

Claire Elizabeth Laplante
Godparents Xavier Laplante and Elizabeth Hutcheson(signed Hodgson)
Same parish and location


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