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Tessier dit Lavigne Family | Evelyn in Montreal

Yvonne Gustafson said:

I am one of the twins born of Edward Roger Tessier, DOB 3-2-27
My Father’s family was from Montreal, Canada. They moved shortly before 1927. My dad had two sister’s: Fern and Rose both born in Canada. My Grandfather was Adolph D. Tessier born 1-6-1885. He had 10 children, Medana,Clemence,Laurant,Fernand,Medard,Neamic,Helena and Helaire. Two Children I do not remember the names. My sister, Yvette and I were born in 1957, and my brother Andre in 1951. As the story goes. My Father lived in Holyoke, Mass and was friends with Ruth Allaire, She was actually a friend of Rose Tessier. My dad and Ruth became sweethearts just prior to my dad going to war over seas serving in the Army. Ruth got married and Had a daughter named, Linda. Her father died in a motorcycle accident. Ruth then married John Burchette and had I believe 8 more children, one died as an infant. Ruth looked up my father in 1967 when her son, John was serving in the Marines at Camp Penelton, California. They were both married to different people at the time. The had a long distance secret romance until they both divorced there spouses in 1973. They married in 1974 in California. In 1975 my father legally adopted Ruth’s 20 something year old daughter Linda, and she took the name of Tessier. As the myth goes Ruth stated that Linda was the biological daughter of Edward, There is no DNA to substantiate this. Pictures of her daugther with her birth father indicate that she was not related to Edward, and looks like her real father. Ruth and Edward moved to Florida in 1986, where Ruth died in October 1995 and Edward in November 1995. They both loved each other very much. There is much more to their lives, from the beginning of Ruth’s live. They were both very Catholic. There lives would make for a great love novel or Saturday night movie. I am looking for any other information Regarding the Tessier Family from Canada.


Father Cyrille Tessier
Mother  Henriette Chenier
Godfather Adolphe Chenier
Godmother Olivine Desjardins
Birth: December 23rd, 1885
Parish: Notre Dame de Grace
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Father Cyrille Tessier
Mother Henriette Chenier
Godfather Guillaume Tessier
Mother Azilda Tessier
Birth: November 30th, 1887
Parish: Notre Dame de Grace
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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This is one of a series of posts organized under the heading Evelyn in Montreal where I chronicle some of the work I have done with other family historians and genealogists. Some information is original to this site but some has previously appeared at Genforum, Rootsweb and other genealogy boards. I am reproducing them here as those boards are closing down in order to preserve my connections with those family researchers.


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