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Yvon Pelletier said –

I’m looking for the father or the grand father of Hector Leger maried to Alblanda Brunet.



Hector Leger (son of Joseph Leger and Malvina Gareau) married Alblanda Brunet (daughter of Antoine Brunet and Amanda Charon) on September 30th, 1907 in St-Jovite in Terrebonne, Quebec.

Joseph Leger (son of Joseph Leger and Angelique Valois) married Malvina Gareau (daughter of Joseph Gareau and Zoe Riendeau) on January 18th, 1883 in St-Michel Parish in Vaudreuil (Quebec).

Joseph Leger dit Parisien (son of Jean-Baptiste Leger dit Parisien and Angelique Prejean) and Judith Valois (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Valois and Judith Leroux) in St. Joseph Parish in Les Cedres (Soulanges) on January 12th, 1824.

This is as far as I go using BMS2000 records. A cursory search of online family trees without sources lists Jean-Baptiste Leger‘s parents as Jean Baptiste Leger and Marie-Elisabeth Brabant and state that he and Angelique Prejean were married in 1799. You will need to do further research on this if you’re interested in going back that far.



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This is one of a series of posts organized under the heading Evelyn in Montreal where I chronicle some of the work I have done with other family historians and genealogists. Some information is original to this site but some has previously appeared at Genforum, Rootsweb and other genealogy boards. I am reproducing them here as those boards are closing down in order to preserve my connections with those family researchers.



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  1. Good morning, I’m not sure how old this post is, but I just found it on Google. I am also researching Hector Leger and Alblanda Brunet. They are my Great grandparents. This side has always been a mystery to me and our family. I’ve always wanted to know where Hector went to after his wife died. He left his children behind and took off for Montreal we think. If you have any info to share that would be appreciated,


    Comment by Julie | January 15, 2018 | Reply

  2. Hi! I am a grandson of Hector Léger and Alblanda Brunet. True they were wed in St-Jovite although some records state in St-André Avelin PQ. Our research and my mother`s info (daugther of the couple) states Alblanda was from St-André Avelin. I have the genealogy further than you went and visited the Ste-Geneviève church in Paris France (thus the Léger dit Parisien i.e. from Paris). My grand`father was a cheminot for a while then worked at Ste-Justine hospital (Montreal) as a lab worker and lived with us in Montreal for some years. I have picture of him… quite handsome and muscular. He passed away at Sacré Coeur hospital (boulevard Gouin, Mtl) Alblanda and Hector had children named Roland, Ernest (nicknamed Pat) Melvina, Alexandra (WW2 veteran who passed away at Ste-Anne de Bellevue veterans’ hospital) Fleurette (my god mother) and Thérèse.

    Alblanda died while my mother was two so never knew her. Hector true enough came to Montréal (quartier Pointe St-Charles) with his children and tried to raised them but hard times…. His sons lived in Buckingham Québec…. daugthers in Montréal and surroundings…. Hector never remarried nor do I know of any girl friends. I played card games with him and I can say he was quite a cherished grand’father. I can modestly say I take after him and I loved him.


    Comment by j dupont | April 30, 2018 | Reply

  3. wow thank you so much for responding. I really appreciate the info you shared. My grandfather was Ernest I don’t recall the nickname Pat. Yes he lived in Buckingham. Ernest sure loved to play cards as well Ramoli. I would love to see a picture of Hector. I keep bombarding my family to keep searching for photos. Sadly knew one knew Hector. I have a photo of Alblanda with her sisters and one of Amanda Charron. Which daughter is your mom. I’d love to have photos of your mom as well. I have a photo of all the daughters. I have a copy of Alblanda obit which mentions Hector being in the hospital from 2 broken legs. Do you have a copy of Hectors obit. I’ve been wanting to get information on him for so long. I’ve been unable to find his birth records, but I have a copy of their marriage record that I got from Ancestry.ca. I also have Alblandas baptism record. You can email me at julie-charbonneau@sympatico.ca Maybe we can share information on our families. My grandfather was closest to his brother Rolland and his family. I don’t have much info on the girls


    Comment by Julie Charbonneau | May 1, 2018 | Reply

  4. Actually now that I see your last name Dupont you must be the son of Therese…..I’ve been in contact with one of her grandsons last name Field. My dad remembers your parents his name is Yves Leger


    Comment by Julie Charbonneau | May 1, 2018 | Reply

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