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Marilyn Reece asked:

These are all pretty old postings but I’m just getting to our Gagnon line of descendents and thought I’d give it a shot.I’m trying to figure out my lineage (if there is one) to Barnabe Gagnon.Barnabe Gagnon married Francoise Creste and had a son named Pierre born about 1572.Pierre married Renee Rogers in 1597 in Tourouvre, France.One of their sons was Jean Baptiste?This is where I’m fuzzy.Then Jean Baptiste married Marie Anne Legare (sp?).They had a son named Oliver Levi who married Ellen Keyes on 4/19/1827 in Montmorency County, Quebec.One of theirchildren was Ann Mary born June 1834 in Admoston, County Renfrew, Ontario.Ann Gagnon married Thomas Keyes and they had a bunch of kids, including my great grandfather, Robert Keyes born 12/11/1861.Can anyone out there verify my accuracy?That original posting for ancestry of Barnabe Gagnon was difficult for me to follow…don’t know the lingo.Thanks ever so much.


I believe that this may be your couple:
Olivier Gagnon (son of Baptiste Gagnon and Marie Anne Legare) married Helene Caisse (formerly married to Paul Thibodeau) on  June 19th, 1827 in St. Jacques de L’Achigan, Montcalm, Quebec  Source: Centre de genealogie francophone d’Amerique

Here is what I believe to be the next marriage back:

Jean Baptiste Gagnon (son of Augustin Gagnon and Marie Josephte Malboeuf-Beausoleil)
married Marie Anne Legare (daughter of Joseph Legare and Marie Cloutier) on May 31st, 1796 in the parish of La Visitation de Notre Dame in Chateau Richer, Montmorency, Quebec
Source: Centre de genealogie francophone d’Amerique

With these two marriage you should be able to connect into some existing databases.


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This is one of a series of posts organized under the heading Evelyn in Montreal where I chronicle some of the work I have done with other family historians and genealogists. Some information is original to this site but some has previously appeared at Genforum, Rootsweb and other genealogy boards. I am reproducing them here as those boards are closing down in order to preserve my connections with those family researchers.


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