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Index: New Brunswick Pioneers

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These micro posts present the first generation of each of the families that established the different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”.  His book is written in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes.

If you don’t have access to the book you can contact me for more precise genealogical data and other information by leaving a comment underneath this index post or underneath the specific surname post   🙂

A  –  L

The Alberts

The Beaudins

The Beaulieus

The Blackhalls  recent

The Blanchards

The Blaquieres  recent

The Bouchers

The Boudreaus

The Boulets  recent

The Briands

The Brideaus

The Butlers  recent

The Caissies

The Canivets

The Carons

The Carrets recent

The Chapadeaus

The Chenards

The Chiassons

The Comeaus  recent

The Cormiers

The Cyrs  recent

The Davids

The Degraces

The Deveaus  recent

The Doirons

The Doucets

The Dugas

The Duvals

The Ferrons (Ferrants)

The Forbes

The Frigaults

The Friolets

The Gagnons

The Galliens

The Gauthiers

The Gauvins

The Gionets

The Godins

The Gourets

The Guignards

The Haches

The Heberts

The Jeans

The Lacroixs

The Landrys

The Lanteignes

The Lebouthilliers

The LeBretons

The Leclercs (dit Francoeur)

The Legeres

M  –  Z

The Mailloux

The Mallets recent

The Martins

The Mazerolles

The McGraws

The Michons

The Morais

The Mourants

The Munros  recent

The Nixons  recent

The Noels

The Parises

The Paulins

The Picots   recent

The Pinets

The Plourdes

The Poiriers

The Roberts

The Ross’  recent

The Roys

The Savoies

The Sivrets

The St. Pierres (dit Dessein)

The Taylors

The Vienneaus

The Wilsons

The Youngs

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Index: New Brunswick Pioneers

Main Index: New Brunswick Genealogy and History

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  1. Hello I am a frigault, my family was originally from New Brunswick, I am looking for more I formation in regards to when the bloodline was mixed with the indigenous, anymore I formation will be very appreciated.


    Comment by Carley Frigault | April 24, 2018 | Reply

  2. hello. the history of caraquet. you have a copy??? my grandmother was reading from a french book, her family history a few years ago. her last name was SIVRET. and yes, we sort of knew they might have been the first. but there is one thing i am looking for, there was rumors of a native marriage and she knew as a child there was native blood. i have been searching and i am a member on ancestry.ca of course but yes, these records are hard. but here is the real question. i came here looking for infomation specifically. i was born a PIGEAU. and my was told several years ago a relative researched our roots to find out we were aborigial on that side. however, on ancestry.ca i see my relations but NO ONE has bothered to double check anything and it looks like they combined two different men with similar names and created a whole new person. i found something but i can’t be sure. i know my family, my dad and his parents were born in ontario. however, the name pigeau (but the first names are totally different) and variations (as it seems in all these old books) in quebec and evenutally moved to ontario, but i came across something from GOLDEN LAKE, and the document says the pigeau clan was accepted, and the name that goes with pigeau was a pierre shawaniprenesi and it even said something about a 1842 census, and yes there is an 1842 census but i can’t find any info. what i am trying to do is verify WHICH man i need to follow. i can’t imagine a family in L’assomption Qc being sent all the way to northern ontario to a reserve when there were plenty of reserves in quebec, right. so, do you have any suggestions of where i might be able to find what i am looking for??????


    Comment by shiela | March 29, 2019 | Reply

    • Good morning,
      This would take some thinking and I’m presently trying to move a lot of material from my computer to this site. I will come back to all my comments in a few weeks.
      In the meantime, good luck!


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | March 29, 2019 | Reply

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