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These micro posts present the first generation of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. For additional information including precise dates and following generations, please leave your questions in a comment box below.



Gabriel Albert‘s precise origin is unknown but it is believed that he descended from the The Alberts of Quebec and that he was just one of a group of Quebec fishermen who came to fish in Chaleurs Bay. He said to have lived in Pabos before settling in Caraquet (Source: P. Gallant, Les Registres).

What is certain is that Gabriel Albert married Genevieve Bouthillier (daughter of Joseph Lebouthillier  and Angelique Giraud dit Saint-Jean) in about 1751 and they are the founding couple of Alberts in Caraquet.

In 1784 he received a land grant of 400 acres. At least a part of that acreage was where today’s Caisse Popularie is situated.

F. Theriault states that he presumably died before 1795 since that is when his wife married for a second time.


Their children were:

  • Pierre (m.1778, Genevieve Denys, daughter of Louis Denys and Madeleine Larocque). Pierre received 400 acres of land in 1784 and settle in Petit Marais where today’s school board offices are located. Pierre Albert and Genevieve Deny’s  children were:
    • Pierre (m. 1807, Archange Bouthillier, daughter of Rene Bouthillier and Genevieve Chiasson)
    • Jean (m. 1805 Paspebiac, Anne Grenier, daugher of Jacques Grenier and Catherine Langlois)
    • Felicite (m. Beloni Chiasson, son of Joseph Chiasson and Anne Hache of Miscou)
    • Louis (m. Suzanne Mailloux, daughter of Louis Mailloux and Suzanne Huart)
    • Madeleine (m. 1808, Francois Morais, son of Jacques Morais and Agnes Bouthillier)
    • Isaac (m.1811, Osithe Mailloux, daughter of Louis Mailloux and Suzanne Huart)
    • Hilarion (m. m. 1814, Claire Landry, daughter of Anselme Landry and Marie Brideau of Grande Anse)
    • Felicite (d.1795)
    • Rose (m.1819, Jean-Louis Parise, son of Louis Parise and Madeleine Roussi)
    • David (m.1818, Barbe Lanteigne, daughter of Louis Lanteigne and Luce Brasseur)
    • Jean-Baptiste (m. 1824, Felicite Morais, daugher of Jacques Morais and Marie Paulin)
    • Pelagie (m.1819, Jean Duguay, son of Francois Duguay and Marie Doiron of Shippegan)
    • Anne (m. Louis Mailloux, son of Louis Mailloux and Anne Huard)
  • Marie (m.1768 to Michel Parise, son of Gilles Parise and Angelique Michaud. Michel Parise and Marie Albert’s children were:
    • Genevieve (m. 1788 Paspebiac, Pierre-Leon Roussi, son of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau)
    • Michel (m. 1797 Paspebiac, Rosalie Roussi, daughter of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau and after Rosalie’s death he (m. 1817 Port Daniel, Louise Grenier, daughter of Jacques Grenier and widow of Jean Huard)
    • Angelique (m. Louis Roussi, son of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau, and after Louis’s death she (m. 1810 Paspebiac, Francois Duguay, son of Francois Duguay and Madeleine Chapadeau)
    • Rosalie (m. Pierre Paulin, son of Jean-Baptiste Paulin and Isabelle Gasse)
    • Louis (m.1798 Paspebiac, Madeleine Roussi, daughter of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau)
    • Remi (m. 1809, Archange Duguay, daughter of Pierre Duguay and Josette LeBrasseur)
  • Marie next (m. 1795, Francois Gionet, formerly married to Marie LeVicaire). Francois Gionet and Marie Albert had no children.
  • Jean-Baptiste (m. Therese Lanteigne, daughter of Louis Lanteigne and Marguerite Chapadeau).  The couple settled south of Chemin St. Simon near Therese’s family lands.Jean-Baptiste Albert  and Therese Lanteigne’s children were:
    • Florent (d.1786)
    • Euphrosine (m.1807, Thomas Mallet, son of Jean Mallet and Marie Duguay of Shippegan)
    • Henriette (m. 1809, Francois David, son of Francois David and Catherine Denys of Newport, QC)
    • Marthe Gabrielle (m. 1811, Benjamin Castilloux, son of Jean Castilloux and Jeanne Chapadeau of Paspebiac and after his death she (m. 1830, Joseph Babin, formerly married to Marie Gauthier)
    • Pierre David (m. 1819, Marguerite Blanchard, son of Raphael Blanchard and Pelagie Doucet)
    • Dominique (m. 1826, Edesse Hache, daughter of Louis Hache and Judith Hache)
    • Joachim (m. 1826, Colette Gionet, daughter of Francois Gionet and Marie Roussi)
    • Un-named child (d.1807)
    • Marguerite (m. 1828, Charles Doiron, son of Charles Doiron and Angelique Bouthillier)
  • Jeanne / Jeanneton (m. Jean Lacroix). The couple settled on  Jeanne’s father’s land.  Jean Lacroix and Jeanne Albert’s  children were:
    • Ambroise (d.1793)
    • Andre (d.1790)
    • Marie (m.1819, Andre Larocque, son of Francois Larocque and Marie Morais of Paspebiac)
    • Marie (d.1808)
    • Felicite Sara


Note: Les Familles de Caraquet has the following Albert family pictures: [Polycarpe Albert, 1826-1875, pg. 17], [Agapit Albert and Vitalize Legere, pg.17], [David Albert (son of Gervais Albert) with Xavier, David, Eloise, Victorian, Arthur, Jeremy and Estelle, ca.1958, pg.21], [Phoebee Pinet, wife of Agapit Albert, pg. 21] [Cap. Prosper S. Alberts family ca. 1910, Prosper Albert, wife Agathe, Jean-Baptiste, Martin, Eva, Arthur, Edouard, pg. 29]  [Godefroi Albert, pg.247]   [Jeannot S. Albert, pg.247]   [Johnnie A. Albert, pg.247]   [Gedeon A. Albert, pg.377]

Notes: Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection (FR):  [Dominique, Albert, Mrs., 1903, Maiden name Edesse Gallant. Another 100 year old centenarian. She was born in Etang des Clous, Prince Edward Island, Her parents were Louis Gallant and Judith Racist of Rustico. Her parents crossed over to settle in Shippagan, New Brunswick when she was only eleven years old and she eventually married Dominique Albert of Caraquet. The couple had eleven children, Leandre, Dorothee, Bruno, Bresede, Obeline, Xavier, Joseph, Pierre, Obeline and Gustave. The last two died when young. Eden Gallant is not living in her paternal house with her youngest son, Pierre. She’s lived to see her fourth generation and now has 89 great grandchildren.]   [Albert, Wilfred, 1938, of Tupper Lake,N.Y. visited his mother Mrs. Jos Albert)  [Albert, Julien, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre Albert of Caraquet was, according to news received last week, killed recently in Italy . He was 22 years old. He had enrolled in 1939 and was sent overseas in 1941. In addition to his parents, he leaves behind four sisters: Pauline (Ottawa), Georgette (Inspector Losier’s secretary), Gilberte (student at Couvent S. Joseph) and Therese (at home). He also leaves behind six brothers: Gabriel of Caraquet, Adrien (student at University du Sacre-Coeur), Sergeant Marcel (in England), Valmond (Canadian Army Canada) and Ernest and Jean-Raymond in Caraquet.] [Albert, Patrice1938, Patricia and Stella Albert from Montreal visiting Patrice Albert. Also visiting from Montreal, Drury and Michel Languedoc and Mrs. Robert Lattimore (daughter of Mrs. Patrice Albert]



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