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Zacharie Doiron was the son of Charles Doiron and Madeleine Thibodeau of Port Royal, Acadia. He married Anne LeVicaire (daughter of Pierre LeVicaire and Francoise Rousseau)  and together they had    children. They were: Madeleine (m. Jean-Baptiste Lavache, son of Honore Lavache and Madeleine Daigle) and then Michel Poirier, Marie (m. Francois Duguay (son of Francois Duguay and Madeleine Chapadeau and then Joseph Comeau, formerly married to Genevieve Thibodeau),  Charles (m. Angelique Bouthillier), Claire (m. Joseph Duguay, son of Francois Duguay and Madeleine Chapadeau and then Simon Arsenault, first married to Marie Melanson), Isabelle (m. Jacques Loiselle, son of Robert-Julien Loiselle and Julienne Pera), Jean-Baptiste (m. Rose Bouthillier, daughter of Rene Bouthillier and Genevieve Chiasson), Rosalie (m. Basile Gallien, son of Adrien Gallien and Marguerite Duguay), Marie Ursule (m. Luc Godin, son of Jean-Baptise Godin and Rosalie Theriault),  Hilaire (m. Marie Chiasson, daughter of Pierre Chiasson and Marguerite Duguay and then Marie Lanteigne (daughter of Louis Lanteigne and Luce LeBrasseur)  and finally Isaac (m. Marguerite Lanteigne, daughter of Louis Lanteigne and Luce LeBrasseur).



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These micro posts present the first generation of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. If you don’t have access to the book you can contact me for extra information by leaving a comment underneath this post.


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  1. Zacharie Doiron and Madeleine Thibodeau are on my husbands tree which I am working on. Where can I find actual documents which will prove these people are in fact Aboriginal (Mi’kmaq, Metic etc.) Any help with this would be much appreciated.


    Comment by Julie | January 10, 2018 | Reply

  2. Hi Julie,
    I am a Chiasson of NB Shippegan and have the same ancestors in my tree. I am also having a hard time finding documentation to prove that we are Micmac. Information overload. I have went as far as the mother of Angelique Giraud who is (Indienne Micmac Rousseau) who is married to Gabriel dit st Jean Giraud. they are my 7th great grand parents.
    I am on ancestry Nicole Chaisson. My mom screwed up my last name on Birth cert. lol
    Good luck with your search


    Comment by Nicole Evans | January 10, 2018 | Reply

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