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Zacharie Doiron was the son of Charles Doiron and Madeleine Thibodeau of Port Royal, Acadia. He married Anne LeVicaire (daughter of Pierre LeVicaire and Francoise Rousseau) about 1770  and together they had a very large family.

These Doirons are descended Jean Doiron, an Acadia who lived in Port-Royal with his family in 1686. His grandson Charles Doiron married Madeleine Thibodeau in 1738 in Port-Royal and this couple became part of the wave of Acadia refugees who escaped to Quebec.  The earliest Caraquet Doiron (Zachary) probably arrived as a fisherman on the Baie des Chaleurs.

Zachary Doiron first settled east of Ruisseau Isabelle where he took 200 of the 500 acres of land that had been granted to him in 1784. Three years later he sold the 300 acres that he owned in Pointe de Roche to Francois and Jean-Baptiste Legere. Zacharie also owned an island near Pokesudie Island and that is why it was called Zachary’s Island and then later on Island of the Doirons. That island was divided between two sons Hilaire and Isaac.

Zacharie Doiron and Anne LeVicaire‘s children were:

  • Madeleine (m.1793, Jean-Baptiste Lavache, son of Honore Lavache and Madeleine Daigle) and then Michel Poirier
  • Marie (m.1792,  Francois Duguay (son of Francois Duguay and Madeleine Chapadeau and then Joseph Comeau (formerly married to Genevieve Thibodeau)
  • Charles (m. about 1800,  Angelique Bouthillier, daughter of Rene Bouthillier and Genevieve Chiasson). They had the following children:
    • Timothee (m. 1834, Isabelle Chenard, daughter of Guillaume Chenard and Marie Arsenault)
    • Charles (m. 1828, Marguerite Albert, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Albert and Therese Lanteigne)
    • Eloi (m. 1833, Marie Chiasson, daughter of Beloni Chiasson and Felicite Albert)
    • Marie Angele (m. 1828, Hubert Morais, son of Jacques Morais and Marie Paulin)
    • Rene (d. 1815)
    • Genevieve (m. 1834, Aime Chiasson, son of Beloni Chiasson  and Felicite Albert)
    • Rene (d.1816)
    • Jean Eusebe (d.1817)
    • Rose (m. 1848, Bernard Albert, son of David Albert and Barbe Lanteigne)
    • Pascale
    • Angelique Angele (m. Joseph Chiasson, son of Beloni Chiasson and Felicite Albert)
  • Claire (m. Joseph Duguay, son of Francois Duguay and Madeleine Chapadeau and then Simon Arsenault (first married to Marie Melanson)
  • Isabelle (m. Jacques Loiselle, son of Robert-Julien Loiselle and Julienne Pera)
  • Jean-Baptiste (m. Rose Bouthillier, daughter of Rene Bouthillier and Genevieve Chiasson). Their children were:
    • Marie Clotilde (m.1834, Jules Lanteigne, son of Louis Lanteigne and Madeleine Breau)
    • Jean-Baptiste (d.1813)
    • Un-named (d.1815)
    • Germain (m. 1843, Genevieve Gionet, daughter of Francois Gionet and Marie Boucher)
    • Sabine Phoebee (m. 1937, Julien Lanteigne, son of Louis Lanteigne, fist wife Therese Paulin) and then (m. about 1850, Michel McGrath, son of Jean McGrath and Marie Roussel of Tracadie)
    • Agapit (m.about 1845, Francoise Lanteigne, daughter of Jean Lanteigne and Marie Blanchard)
    • Antoinette (m.1838, Simeon Boucher, son of Joseph Boucher and Catherine Marcel)
    • Marcelline (m.1843, Dominique Lanteigne, son of Louis Lanteigne and Archange David)
    • Rose (m.1846, Joseph Noel, formerly married to Cecile Chiasson of Lameque)
    • Abraham (m.1852, Marguerite Doiron dit Beaumont, daughter of Olivier Doiron and Marguerite Comeau of Tracadie)
    • Caroline
    • Marie Hortense (m.1852, Joseph Albert, son of Isaac Albert and Osithe Mailloux)
  • Rosalie (m. Basile Gallien, son of Adrien Gallien and Marguerite Duguay). Basile Gallien and Rosalie Doiron had the following children:
    • Basile (m.1833, Prudente Albert, daughter of Pierre Albert and Archange Bouthillier)
    • Eloi (m. 1829, Marie Chenard, daughter of Guillaume Chenard and Marie Arsenault)
    • Marie (d.1810)
    • Gilbert (m.about 1836 Angele Landry, daughter of Thadee Landry of Pokemouche, formerly married to Jean-Louis Morais) and then (m. about 1845, Sara Gionet, daughter of Pierre Gionet and Helene Thebault)
    • Hospice (m.about 1836, Celeste Gionet, daughter of Pierre Gionet and Helene Thebault)
    • Jules-Lazare (m.Victoire Lanteigne, daughter of Florent Lanteigne and Francoise David)
    • Un-named child (d.1817)
    • Dosithee (m. about 1838, Marine LeBreton)
    • Marie Henriette / Cerasine, Celesine (m. about 1837, Laurent Frigault, son of Pierre Frigault and Marie Lanteigne) and then (m. Aime Gionet, son of Charles Gionet, formerly married to Venerande Chiasson)
    • Modeste (m. about 1844, Augustin Morais, son of Francois Morais and Madeleine Albert)
    • Blanche (m.1848, Stanislas Albert, son of Louis Albert and Suzanne Mailloux)
    • Luce (d.1831)
    • Un-named child (d.1829)
    • Un-named child (d.1829)
    • Lucie 
  • Marie Ursule (m. Luc Godin, son of Jean-Baptise Godin and Rosalie Theriault)
  • Hilaire (m.1814, Marie Chiasson, daughter of Pierre Chiasson and Marguerite Duguay) and then Marie Lanteigne (daughter of Louis Lanteigne and Luce LeBrasseur). Hilaire Doiron and Marie Chiasson had the following children:
    • Hilaire Adrien (m. about 1838, Virginie Paulin) and then (m. Domitilde Lanteigne, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Lanteigne and Therese David)
  • Hilaire and his second wife Marie Lanteigne had the following children:
    • Marie Clotilde (m. about 1838, Zepherin Chiasson, son of Beloni Chiasson and Felicite Albert)
    • Desiree (m. about 1843, Antoinette Paulin, daughter of Basile Paulin and Veronique Gionet)
    • Hyacinthe (m. about 1845, Rosalie Rose Landry)
    • Prospere (m. Caroline Gionet, daughter of Andre Gionet and Catherine Frigault)
    • Judith (m. 1848, Fabien Blanchard, son of Zozime Blanchard and Marie Venerande Pinet)
    • Pierre (m. about 1849, Antoinette Boucher, daughter of Desiree Boucher and Cleante Lanteigne) and then (m. 1863, Marie Michon, daughter of Jean Michon and Venerande Paulin)
    • Joseph
    • Ange Vital (m. 1859, Olive Landry, daughter of Simon Landry and Francoise Theriault) and then (m.1890 Mathilde Boudreau, widow of Isidore Clement)
    • Edesse (m. 1862, Alexis David, formerly husband of Adeline Sivret)
    • Lazare (m. about 1864, Judith Pinet, daughter of Joseph Pinet and Sara Theriault of Grande-Anse)
    • Gustave
    • Octave
  • Isaac (m.1793, Marguerite Lanteigne, daughter of Louis Lanteigne and Luce LeBrasseur). Isaac Doiron and Marguerite Lanteigne had the following children:
    • Isaac Theodore (m.about 1836, Modeste Paulin, daughter of Charlemagne Paulin and Reine Gionet) and then (m. Theotiste Boudreau)
    • Augustin (m. about 1846, Lucille Chiasson, daughter of Beloni Chiasson and Felicite Albert)
    • Marie Edesse (m. about 1857, Amable Hache) and then (m. Amable Noel, son of Jean Noel and Marie Garant of Lameque)
    • Jules (m. about 1846, Justine Frigault, daughter of Pierre Frigault and Marie Lanteigne) and then (m. 1851, Nathalie Gionet, daughter of Aime Gionet and Venerande Chiasson)
    • Christin (m. about 1846, Sara Bouthillier, daughter of Damien Bouthillier and Isabelle Gionet) and then (m. 1854 Olive Gionet, daughter of Joseph Gionet and Victoria Blanchard)
    • Marcelline (did not marry)
    • Marie (d.1906)
    • Caroline 
    • Jean Seraphin (m. 18858, Marie Delarousbie, daughter of Michel Delarousbie and Marie Dupuis of Paspebiac)
    • Sara (m.about 1851, Basile Paulin, son of Basile Paulin and Veronique Gionet) and then (m. 1862 Augustin Godin, son of Pierre Godin, formerly married to Julienne Theriault)



Note: Les Familles de Caraquet has the following Doiron family pictures: [Gabulus Doiron, Bruno Doiron, Jos, son of Adrien Doiron, pg. 115],   [Leandre Doiron (1846), son of Charles Doiron, pg.131],   [Mrs. Leandre Doiron, maiden name Francoise Cormier, pg. 131],   [Joseph Doiron (son of Jules Doiron) and his wife Dorothee Lanteigne, pg. 132],   [Jos Doiron, son of Christin Doiron, Narcisse Doiron, Joseph Doiron, son of Pierre Doiron, Christine Doiron, pg. 135],  [Alex Doiron, son of Seraphin Doiron, pg. 263],   [Jean-Baptiste S. Doiron, pg. 263],  [Seraphin Doiron, son of Jules Doiron, pg. 263],   [Theotime Doiron, son of Jules Doiron, pg. 263],   [Joseph T. Doiron, pg.377].

Notes: Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection (FR):  [Doiron, Alfred, 1929, Picnic at Caraquet Island for visitors Mrs. Adelard Lanteigne and her daughter Gabrielle from Montreal, Mr. and Mrs Emile Fraser of Rumford, Maine, Mr. and Mrs. Patrice LeBouthillier of Sanford, Me., Mrs. Josephine Lanteigne of Bradford, Mass., Messieurs Alfred Doiron and Henri Gionet of Rumford, Maine]   [Doiron, Alfred, 1939, Palmouth St. Rumford, Me, visits his relatives here in Caraquet]   [Doiron, Alphonse, 1937, Mrs. Rebecca Doiron, her two daughters and her son Alphonse of Rumford, Me, are on holiday here]   [Doiron, Felice and Lauza,1929, Felice and Lauza Doiron took the train for Montreal where they will become servants in a convent]   [Doiron, Osias O., 1899, Osias O. Chiasson, Gelas N. Doiron and Raduel Ferron left for the Chatham workyards today where the earnings are very good.]   [Doiron, Jacques, Jos. E., 1918, Four Caraquet fishermen drowned. During the high winds on the St. Lawrence River four Caraquet fishermen drowned this morning. They were Captain, Jos. E. Doiron, his son Jacques, Pierre S. Hebert and Georges Mallet]   [ Doiron, Philias C.,1904, Mr. Philias C. Doiron has bought himself a goelette. He’s preparing to fish for cod. Our fishermen are awaiting the opening of the season which will bring in thousands of dollars from the government. [Doiron, Placide, Mr. and Mrs.,1940, Alfred Hache of Berlin, New Hampshire, formerly of Caraquet, visits Mr and Mrs. Placide Doiron in Chisolm, Maine  [Doiron, Amedee,1942, Patrice Blanchard, Armel Gionet and Amedee Doiron called up for military service]



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These micro posts present the first generation of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. If you don’t have access to the book you can contact me for extra information by leaving a comment underneath this post.


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  1. Zacharie Doiron and Madeleine Thibodeau are on my husbands tree which I am working on. Where can I find actual documents which will prove these people are in fact Aboriginal (Mi’kmaq, Metic etc.) Any help with this would be much appreciated.


    Comment by Julie | January 10, 2018 | Reply

    • My niece is from Zacharie Doiron and Madeleine line. Have you found any fact for the Aboriginal. Her grandmother family, grandmother was from Caraquet , always said their is native in the family.

      I have an indigenous friend and the first time she saw a picture of my niece’s 2 sons she said they were indigenous. Gail


      Comment by Gail Soucoup | December 13, 2021 | Reply

  2. Hi Julie,
    I am a Chiasson of NB Shippegan and have the same ancestors in my tree. I am also having a hard time finding documentation to prove that we are Micmac. Information overload. I have went as far as the mother of Angelique Giraud who is (Indienne Micmac Rousseau) who is married to Gabriel dit st Jean Giraud. they are my 7th great grand parents.
    I am on ancestry Nicole Chaisson. My mom screwed up my last name on Birth cert. lol
    Good luck with your search


    Comment by Nicole Evans | January 10, 2018 | Reply

    • Avez vous plus d’informations
      Moi aussi j’ai de la descendance
      Micmac du côté des duguay


      Comment by Claudine | September 12, 2020 | Reply

  3. Mi’kmaq and Acadians, came under the ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese of Quebec throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. You won’t find that data in other areas. This website explains why that was. http://www.antigonishdiocese.com/index.php/our-diocese/diocesan-history

    You also have to consider that the Acadian people were subject to Treaty of Utrecht and the Edict of Queen Anne and orders of King George that protected our right to be Roman Catholic and British subjects. This is noted in the legal case of Warren Perry who secured an apology from Queen Elizabeth for the deportation of Acadians. To declare us terra nullius violated law. The Government of Nova Scotia under Governor Lawrence had violated law to deport us. The deportation began in Acadia but the genocide went all the way to Standing Rock with Jeffery Amherst who was involved with both Canadian and American genocides of Roman Catholic and French peoples. The First Nations doing trade with Europe at that time were of the Roman Catholic systems back in the day. You couldn’t do trade with Europe without that. The attack on the Acadians was a trade war to eradicate both Roman Catholics and French influences to put the Protestant governance in power in Canada and the US. The repression of our history still exists in Canada, but survivors remembered. We were kept systematically illiterate up to the age of my grandparents and my own parents endured an education so poor it was basically keeping them poor unless they left the area. I made a video of our history which is online here if your interested. I am related to Zac Doiron too. He was the last surviving member of a family of 12. The family died of small pox blankets issued under the order of Jeffery Amherst. They gifted blankets and handkerchiefs taken from small pox infirmaries and put them in boxes and gave them as gifts to spread the disease. When his family died he fled from Nova Scotia to Burnt Church reserve area and was taken in by Mi’kma’ki relatives to be raised. I read a published article on this years back. He ended up being one of those to receive the grants to settle in St. Simon along with Louis Lanteigne and Pierre Gallien etc. My family still have the lands in St. Simon.


    Comment by Louisette Lulu Lanteigne | September 23, 2019 | Reply

    • HI, I would like to see your video but don’t know where to find it? Also, you said that Zacharie was raised in Burnt Church, do you have anything to show this please and thank you


      Comment by Diane Doiron | February 16, 2021 | Reply

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