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McGregors of Kahnawake – Ray Pouliot

McGregor | Algonquin, Chippewa,  Iroquois, Mi’kmaq, Ojibway, Mixed-heritage: Scottish   APRIL 2021


I am reproducing a comment here by Ray Pouliot who kindly left some information for  Marjorie Poirier Thibeault as it may prove useful for others researching the McGregors or Kahnawake. . Thanks, Ray!

Marjorie had said:

I am still in pursuit of my Desparois line which in part is in Kahnawake, Quebec. I would like to prove my native line to Anne Skawennetsi McGregor. Trying to document for my genealogy records. Thank your for your time. Marjorie


Ray Pouliot’s information

I have had occasion to peruse Mariages de Saint-François-Xavier du Sault-Saint-Louis : Caughnawaga-Kahnawake, 1735-1972 by Marthe F Beauregard. You will find McGregor’s there but the list is just a list as stated in the title. One has to determine family connections with other documents. We have Anne’s marriage to C-N Guillaume de LORIMIER 27:II:1801 Kahnawake. Their daughter Louise Karantha/Karennatha de LORIMIER married Louis Pierre DESPAROIS 28:XI:1821. One of their children, Françoise Henriette DESPAROIS married David MEUNIER-LAFLEUR 10:IX:1851.
We are interested in the antecedents to Peter/Pierre McGregor. (Anne is listed on a Canadian govt history site under the surname Gregoire but this is not a fruitful clue for Pierre’s ancestry. He is identified as a captive from Deerfield taken along with his sister but there is no McGregor listed in the historical cemetery data. We believe the identification may be erroneous as the earliest sources do not state this as directly as do later writers.)
Louise K. & Louis Desparois had 11 children. Besides F-H we have 2 marriages: Louis George DESPAROIS (7·XII·1822 Kahnawake – ?)= (date inconnu) Appoline de JEAN; Marie Louise Marguerite DESPAROIS (c.1831 ?Chateauguay – ?) = (25·XI·1862 Chateauguay) William MCCOMBER.
We have no info on the other children & their possible families. Besides Beauregard there is:
Repertoire des mariages de Kahnawake (Mission Saint-Francois-Xavier du Sault Saint-Louis) de 1735 a 1899 by Pierre Bernard but at the moment I’ve no idea where a copy might be available.

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  1. Thank you so much Ray Pouliot for you assistance. I have see post by you before on other subject pertaining to Kahnawake. I knew I had a connection before, but that was also through my Poiriers Marjorie


    Comment by Marjorie Thibeault | December 20, 2017 | Reply

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