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These micro posts present the first generations of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. For additional information including precise dates and following generations, please leave your questions in a comment box below.

Caraquet history

Joseph Dugas (son of Charles Dugas and Anne Leblanc) and Agathe Landry (daughter of Alexis Landry and Marie Theriault) were the founding Dugas couple of Caraquet.

They had the following children:

  • Barbe (m. 1793, Pierre Pinet, son of Pierre Pinet and Marie Vienneau)
    • Clotilde (m. 1813, Jean Hache, son of Rene Hache and Marguerite Blanchard)
    • Pierre (m.1821, Suzanne Godin, daughter of Francois Godin and Theotiste  Hache) and then (m.1827, Marguerite Legere, daughter of Cyrille Legere and Venerande Savoie)
    • Appoline (m. 1819, Marin Godin, son of Michel Godin and Helene Hache)
    • Marie-Rose (m.1821, Jude Godin, son of Francois Godin and Theotiste Hache)
    • Monique (m. 1823, Jean-Baptiste Godin, son of Michel Godin and Helene Hache)
    • Genevieve (m. 1824, Jean-Baptiste Theriault, son of Francois Theriault and Scholastique Hache)
    • Marcel (m. 1828, Claire Legere, daughter of Cyrille Legere and Venerande Savoie)
    • Luc (m. 1837, Adelaide Legere, daughter of Cyrille Legere and Venerande Savoie)
    • Francoise Flore (m. 1836, Pierre Landry, son of Timothee Landry and Venerande Savoie)
    • Fabien (m.1839, Angelique Lepage, daughter of Ephrem Lepage and Theotiste Landry)
    • Sidefroy-Damase (d.1818)
    • Augustin (d. 1819)
    • Augustin (m. 1841, Marguerite Godin, daughter of Augustin Godin and Marguerite Robertson)
    • Seraphie (m. 1819, Jean-Urbain Legere, son of Jean-Baptiste Legere and his second wife, Felicite Robichaud)
    • Marie-Anne (m. about 1835, Joseph Boudreau, son of Sylvain Boudreau  and Judith Blanchard)
  • Hypolite / Polite (m. about 1797, Genevieve Pinet, daughter of Pierre Pinet and Marie Vienneau). We know that Hypolite was living comfortably in Caraquet because in 1811 he loaned Lange Porier of Bonaventure a total of 90 Louis (about $260). The conditions of the loan were that it be returned over a period of three years in the form of cash and good. The children of Hypolite Dugas and Genevieve Pinet were:
    • Joseph (m. 1825, Theotiste Allain, daughter of Michel Allain and Josette Savoie of Neguac)
    • Elie (m. 1826, Anne-Marie Legere, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Legere and Claire-Felicite Robichaud)
    • Jean (m. 1830, Marie Godin, daughter of Michel Godin and Helene Hache)
    • Clotilde (m. 1826, David Godin, son of Francois Godin and Theotiste Hache)
    • Pierre (m. 1831, Genevieve Robichaud, daughter of Otho Robichaud and Marie-Louise Thibodeau of Neguac) and then (m. about 1840, Rose Godin, daughter of Pierre Godin and Helene Hache)
    • Marie (m. 1828, Edouard Theriault, son of Francois Theriault and Scholastique Hache)
    • Marie-Genevieve (m. 1833, Jean-Baptiste Legere, son of Cyrille Legere and Venerande Savoie)
    • Francois Delphine (m. 1904, Jean Landry, formerly married to Angele Blanchard)
    • Fabien (m. 1838, Cecile Godin, daughter of Pierre Godin and Helene Hache)
    • Marguerite (m. about 1840, Lazare Landry, son of Maxime Landry and Pelagie Gauvin)
  • Joseph Amable (remained single)
  • Bruno (m. 1803, Judith Allain, daughter of Michel Allain and Josephte Savoie)
    • Joseph Bruno (m. 1836, Olive Theriault, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Archange Blanchard of Grande Anse)
    • Michel (m. 1832, Anastasie Hache, daughter of Eusebe Hache and Blanche Poirier) and (m. 1857, Marie-Odile Cormier, daughter of Jean Cormier and Nathalie Godin)
    • Marie-Judith (m. 1833, Francois-D’Assise Theriault, son of Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet of Grande Anse)
    • Francoise (born 1813)
    • Auguste Rigobert dit Augustin (m. m. 1839, Rachel Boudreau, daughter of Francois-Athanase Boudreau and Henriette Roy)
    • Anne Agathe (m. about 1837, Lazare Landry, son of Joseph Landry and Marguerite Pinet)
    • Marie Monique (m. 1839, Charles Cormier, son of Thomas Cormier and Francoise Pjnet)
    • Jean-Baptiste (m. 1847, Mathilde Boudreau, daughter of Francois-Athanase Boudreau and Henriette Roy)
  • Anastasie (m. about 1800, Firmin Theriault, son of Joseph Theriault and Marie-Joseph Girouard), Laurent (m. Marie Allain, daughter of Michel Allain and Josette Savoie)
  • Amand dit Lamand Constant (m. 1813, Francoise Theriault, daughter of Pierre Theriault and Marguerite Pinet). Their children were:
    • Amand Aime (d. 1816)
    • Marie Ursule  (d.1817)
    • Denis Aime (m. about 1839, Esther Gauvin, daughter of Charles Gauvin and Monique Landry) and then (m. 1853, Marie Hache, daughter of Isaie Hache and Marie Legere)
    • Charles (m. about 1849, Marcelline Theriault, daughter of Fabien Theriault and Marie Legere of Grande Anse)
    • Theotiste (m. 1851, Placide Boudreau, son of Felix Boudreau and Marie Boucher)
    • Marie Sara (m. 1859, about 1852, Jean-Baptiste Theriault, son of Fabien Theriault and Marie Legere of Grande-Anse)
    • Marie Lucie (m. 1857, Romain Legere, son of Fabien Legere and Marie Hache)
  • Hilaire (remained single)
  • Blanche (m. 1814, Leon Robichaud, son of Jean-Baptiste Robichaud and Felicity Cyr)



Note: Les Familles de Caraquet has the following Dugas family pictures:   [Jean-Baptiste Dugas, Charlotte Dugas, Simon Dugas, Hypolite, Dugas, pg. 135],   [Hilaire Dugas (1814-1886, son of Laurent Dugas, pg. 150], Judith Dugas (1836-1916), daughter of Joseph Dugas, wife of Louis Theriault, pg. 150],   [Mrs. Jean-Baptiste Dugas, maiden name Mathilde Boudreau, pg. 150],   [Augustin A. Dugas ands wife Anne Savoie, pg.150],   [Mrs. Masime Dugas, maiden name Francoise Poirier, holding her grandson Laurent Dugas, pg. 155],   [Nazaire Dugas (1864-1942, architect, son of Michel Dugas, pg.155], Henri Dugas, pg.247],  [Henri Dugas, pg. 255].

Notes: Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection (FR):[Dugas, Emile,1926, Emile Dugas (representing J.O. Lambert) and Pierre P. Morais are enroute for Nova Scotia]  [Dugas, Alex,1935, After having been missing since New Year’s Day, Alex A. Dugas was found dead at the foot of a cliff. It’s believed that he died in a fall.]



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