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St. Valentine’s Day | Traditional Acadian Ways

Over a period of one decade beginning in the mid-1960s, ethnologist Jean Claude Dupont collected information about popular traditions in the Acadian regions of Eastern Canada (New Brunswick, Quebec, Prince Edward Island). This series will include some key points from Dupont’s work as well as other sources (The Valentine card to the left is French but not necessarily Acadian)


La Saint-Valentin

  • Before the 1930s, St.Valentine’s Day was a day for children to amuse themselves. Adults would send homemade anonymous insulting cards to individuals with whom they’d had a falling out or whom they disapproved of in some way.
  • After the 1930s, the custom of sending loving or affectionate cards spread.
  • Iles-de-la-Madeleine – When they butchered a pig, they would sometimes send the tail as a valentine accompanied by a teasing message.
  • In some regions, new potatoes could be started (sprouted) on February 14th and kept in the barn till better weather.


Source: Le rituel de l’annee, Traditions populaires acadiennes, Jean Claude Dupont (Editions GID) ISBN 2-922668-20-7


Valentines Cards of the 19th and 20th Century – McCord Museum


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