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Index: New Bandon Pioneer Families


New Bandon is located in Gloucester County, New Brunswick and it can be used as a name for both the specific town of  New Bandon-Salmon Beach  or as the wider area of  New Bandon Parish  which includes the following communities: Anse-Bleue – Bertrand Station – Black Rock – Canobie – Clifton – Grande-Anse – Dugas – Janeville – Johnson – Lobster Beach – Maisonnette – New Bandon – Pokeshaw – Rocheville – Saint-Léolin – Springfield – Stonehaven – Village-des-Poirier – Village-Saint-Paul – Waterloo Settlement.

Pioneer families from anywhere in the New Bandon Parish area

Bertin Family of Grande Anse | New Bandon


Cormier Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon


Pinet Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon


Landry Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon


Theriault Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon




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