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Bertin Family of Grande Anse | New Bandon

The Grande-Anse Bertins descend from the pioneer  Bertins of nearby Bathurst, New Brunswick through one of their sons Joseph Bertin.

Joseph Bertin and his wife  Louise Boudrault / Boudreau (daughter of Joseph Boudreau and Rosalie Hache)  married in 1816 in Holy Family Church, Bathurst, Tharsille (m. Fabien/Fabian Theriault, 1854, Grande-Anse), Sigfroi (m. Celestin Hache, 1839, Petit-Rocher), Hilarion (m. Angele Boudreau, 1884), Antoine / Anthony  (m. Marguerite Arsenault, Bathurst), MarieJoseph (m. Marie Hache), Helene or Helena (m. Daniel Landry, 1850), Jean (m. Judith Pinet, 1866, Caraquet), Mathilda (m. Theophile Therriau, 1874), Eloi (m. Anna Clement,1878), Gustave (m. Priscille Pinet, 1861 and then Emilie / Melie Godin, 1887, Grande-Anse) Note: one of their children was  Ida Marie BertinRaphael (m. Archange Theriault, daughter of Siffroe Theriault,1881. She later marries Gelas Theriault )


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  1. does anyone have early pics of the bertins,


    Comment by Marc Bertin | August 26, 2020 | Reply

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