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Beauharnois Old Cemetery: Elliot, Gendron, Ravary

Headstone:  GENDRON   | Cimetière de la Paroisse Saint-Clément, Beauharnois   | Quebec Cemeteries



Marie-Louise Ravary

Epouse de

John Elliot

1878 – 1935

John Elliot M.V.

1866 – 1940

J. Adolphe Gendron

1887 – 1965

Imelda Elliot – Gendron

1813 – 1899



I see two records for a Marie Louise Ravary and a John Elliot. The first is  Montreal Marriage licence dated June 19th, 1912. The second is for John Elliot (son of John Kennedy Elliot and Corine Pelletier) Marie-Louise Ravary (widow of Alphee Deguire, dated April 17th, 1931 in St-Clement Parish in Beauharnois.



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