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A Huot Gervais Family | Part 2 – The Gervais Side

As stated before Anna Gervais’ parents are listed on her marriage certificate as Edouard Gervais and Elisa Labelle.

I didn’t locate a marriage under those names but I did locate one child indexed at BMS under the names Edouard Gervais and Alisa Labelle.

Marie Emma Gervais born on June 14th, 1869 and baptized the next day in St. Stanislas Parish, Champlain, Quebec. Godparents Nazaire Perron and Fibis Grandbois.

I next found the following marriage which would appear to be your couple based on the date, the location and then some follow-up information in what looks like a very well done family tree my Michel Bernier (link follows).  I

The vital records index at  BMS2000 does have the following marriage (plus ten births). You could follow up in that index if you’re interested.

Edouard Gervais (son of Pierre Gervais and Madeleine Belcourt) married Marie-Elize Lebel (daughter of Alexis Lebel and Marie Mathon) on November 16th, 1856 in St-Stanislas Parish.



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