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Wabanaki Confederacy Surnames | Abenaki, Maliseet, Mi’kmaq

This is a still growing list of surnames carried by members of the Wabanaki Confederacy which I have extracted from Canadian census documents and vital records. The Wabanaki peoples I include are the New Brunswick/Quebec Maliseet, the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island Mi’kmaq and the Quebec Abenaki. You will only find American Passamaquoddy or Penobscot if they happened to be residing in Canada at the time of a census taking or if they were listed in Canadian marriage registers.

As of October 2018, the list includes most of the Maliseet and Mi’kmaq surnames which appear on this site in one form or another. I’ve included those that I’ve personally come across so it’s not representative of all possible variations and it certainly doesn’t include all of the archaic forms. The Abenaki surnames will be gradually indexed between now and mid-November.

You can reach these surnames by using the search box in the sidebar to your right or  through the following indexes:

Index: Native / First Peoples / Metis Surnames [Marriage Extracts]

Index: The Abenaki in Canadian Census Records

Index: The Maliseet in Canadian Census Records

Index: The Mi’kmaq in Canadian Census Records


If you are new to this type of genealogy, you should know that the Maliseet and Mi’kmaq of Eastern Canada have much shared history and partially overlapping territories in New Brunswick.  Some of the surnames are unique to these nations while others have evolved through the westernization of indigenous surnames or were newly acquired through intermarriage with non-indigenous peoples. As a result, many of these surnames are shared by multiple Wabanaki nations, albeit in slightly different forms.

In addition to this, there are often variations in the spelling. In fact it’s not unusual to see multiple spellings for the same individual from one census form to another and also from one vital record to the next.


Surnames I have found only in Quebec Abenaki records are italicized.

Surnames I have found only in Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq records are in “quote marks”.



Wabanaki Confederacy Surnames A – L

[Abenaki – Abenaquis]   [Abraham, Abram(s)]

[Acquin, Ackuin, Aquin]   [Agnes]  [Alexander, Alexandre]

[Albert, Bear]   [Alex]   [Alexis]   [Allan]    [Andrew Andre]

[Amelia]  [Anderson]  [Annance Annand]  [“Arens”]  [Arsenault]   

[Athanase Atanase Athenace Tenasse]  [Atwin Antoine Anthony]  

 [Aubin Aubain]   [Augustine(e) Augusten Augusteen]

[Alumkassek Alumkassett]


[Baptist(e) Batiste Alexis]   [Bariau(lt)]   [Barnaby Barnabe Barnabi(e) Benarby]

[Barrow Bareau Barriau]   [“Barry”]  [Bartibog(ue)  Bartabog]

[Bartlett]   [Basket]   [Basque Bask(e) Basquer]   [Bastian Bastien]   [Bear, Albert]

[“Beauchamp”]  [“Beeler”] [Bellerose]  [Benedict Benedick]  [“Benson”] [Bergeron]   

[Bernard Banard Benard Bernerd]    [Berry]   [Bigear]   [Booker]

[Borrow]  [“Bradley”]  [Brearford]   [Brillere Briere Francis]  

 [Brook(s)]  [Brown]   [Burnaw]



[Caplin Cab(p)elain, Capelin Caplain]   [Charles Baptiste]   [Campbell]

[Capino]  [Catpat Quatpattes]   [Christmas]   [“Christophe”] [Christopher]

[Clare, Clair(e)]   [Clement(s), Clemon]   [Cloud Claud(e)]

[Cogo]   [Com(meau]   [Condo Condeau]   [Cook]

[Copage]   [Cope]   [Copeland]

[Cremeau Cremo]   [Crimmond]


[De Gonzague Degonzague]

[Dapo][Dadam/Dedam(e)/Desdames]  [“Delewie Dewey”]

 [Denis, Denny, Dennie, Dennis, Denys, Tenass]

[Desbian]   [Desbrow]  [Descoteaux]  [Dauphenais]   [Delagrave[Desilais]

[Devoe Deveau]   [Doctor] [Doherty]   [Dominique, Domini(c)k(e), Domnick]

[Dostie]   [Doucet(te)]   [“Doucey Dousay”] [Doyle]   [Duffy]   [Duncan]


[Ellis(e), Ellice]   [Emelie]   [Emett Emmet(t)]

[Enahomeh]   [Ennis, Innis]


[Ferguson]   [Francis Frances FransisFrancois]

[Fraser Frazer Frazier]   [Freeman]


[Gabe, Gabriel, Gabrial]   [Gedeon]   [Germain(e)] [Gill]

[Gin(n)ish, Gan(n)ish]   [Glaude Glode Gload Glade]   [Godin, Gaudin]

[“Gonyea”]  [Googoo]  [“Gool”] [Gorman]  [Gould]    

[Groslouis]    [Graham]   [Gray]


[Hamilton]  [“Hammond”]  [Hannis]   [Hardison]   [Hasinis[Harel]   

[Harqou]    [Hastley]   [Hatty]   [Hill]

[Helzalabonlith]   [Homan]  [“Howe”]  [“Hurney”]  [Hush]



[Ilios]   [Innis, Ennis]   

[Inawolet]  [Insadaquis Insadoquis]   [Isaac, Isaacs)]



[“Jabor”] [Jacques]   [Jades]  [“Jaddon”]  [Jarvis]   [Jerard]

(Jeremy]   [Jerome]   [Joachim]   [Joe]  [Johament]    [Johnson]

[“Johnstone”] [Jones]  [Joseph]  [“Joudry”]   [Julian Julien]


[Kane]   – [Kennedy]   [Knishis]

[Knockdown, Nockwood, Nocout(re), No Good]


[Labaube, Labobe, Labauve, Labove]  [Labillois]

[Labrador]   [Lafford]   [Laforge]

[Lagasse Lagace]   [Lagrave]  [Lamquin]   [Laperriere

[Laport(e)]   [“Laroach”] [Laroque]   [Larry, Lary]   [Launiere]   

[Laurent] [Lavigne] [Leamis]

[Leblanc]   [Levi]  [“Levine”]   [Lewis]   [Lightizer]

[Lockwood]   [Lola]   [Lolar]  [“Long”]  [Louis, Loui, Louise]

[Louisote]   [lucobie]   [Lucy]


Wabanaki Confederacy Surnames M – Z


[“MacIsaac”] [Magdalen, Madglon]   [Maloney]   [Marble, Marbel]

[Marchand, Marchant]   [Marshal(l), Marshel]   [Martin]

[Masta]   [Mather]   [Matthew(s), Mathieu]  ]”Maurice”]   [McCann]

[Mcdonald] [“McEwan”]  [McGregor]   [McKenzie  MacKenzie]  

[“McLark”] [[“McLean”]”McLeod”]

 [Meagher] [Metallic Metallique]   [Methot]   [Metzalabanleti]

[Miller]  [Meuse Muis(e) Mews Muse]  

 [Michael(s)]  [Michel Michil]   [Milliea, Millier, Millar]   

[Mitchel(l) Michael]   [Moise Moses]  [Moffat]   

[Molly, Moly, Molie, Molis]   [Moore]  [Moose]   [Morris Morse]   

[Mor(r)is(s)on]   [Moulton, Molton] [Msadoquis Msadaquis]

 [Muse, Musie]


[Nacout(e), Nacoutre, Nocoot, Knockwood]   [Nagozoa Nagojoa Nagageois]

[Naphi(e)]   [Napier]  [Nash]   [Navie]   [Naven]   [Nawy]

[Neales]   [Nepton]  [“Nevin”]  [Newall, Newel Noel]   

[“Nibby”] [Nichols, Nickles, Nicoles] [Nic(h)olas]  [Niven]  

 [Noel Newall Newel]   [Nolette]


[Obomsawin Obumsawine]  [Ouimet]


[Panadis]   [Pakigan Pakyan]   [“[Pao”]  [Paquet(te)]  

[Patlas, Patlais, Patelis]   [Paul]   [Peck]   [Pelley]

[Pelkey]  [“Pennall”]  [“Penny”] [Perley]  [Perro Perot]   [Peter]   [Peter Paul]

[Phil(l)ip(s)]   [Pictou  Picto(e) Picton)]   [Pierre, Pierro]

[Plante]  [Poltais]    [Pominville Somerville]  [Por(t)neuf

 [Prisk(e), Prisque]  [Polchies  Paulsis  Polches  Polchas  Poultchous]

[Poulette  Pulette  Pullet  Pullot  Paullet]   [Prosper(e)]


[Quash]   [Quatrepates  Catpat]   [Quisote]


[Rainville Ranville]  [Regis]  [Reimuller]   [Rene]

 [Renou(s)]   [Richard]   [“Reynolds”]

[Ritchie, Ritchy]  [Robert(s)]



[Sabat(t)is, Sabadis, Sebat(t)is, Shebatis Labat(t)is]

[Sadoques Sadoquis Soderquis]  [Sanepass]   [Sack, Sock]   [Sacobie]

[“Safries”] [“Salom”] [“Saloon”] [Sappier, Lappier]   

[“Sapien”] [Sark]   [Saulis Solis Saulas]  [“Sayers”]  [Sewell]  

[“Sharp”]  [Sillaboy  Syl(e)boy  Sylaboye  Sylboy]  

[Simon Simond Simmon] [Smith]  [Safried]  [Sapier, Sapien]  [Saulis, Solis]

[Scotchman]  [Snake]  [Sock Sook Soc Sack]  [Sockbasin]

[Solar, Lolar]   [Solomon]   [Somerville, Pominville]

[Soulis]   [Soupier Supere]  [St Aubin[St Pere]   

[Stephan(s) Stephen(s)]  [Stevens]   [Supere]   [Swanson]

[Syers]  [Symond]


[Tahamont]  [Tenass  Tanas  Tannas(s)  Thanas]   

[Thomas  Tomas Tomer]  [Thom Tom]   [“Tonbarge”]

[Toney Tonie Tony]    [Tremblay Trembley Trombley Trumblay]   

[Tynan] [“Tuplin”]


[Vadam]   [Vilandry Vilandre]  [Vincent]  [Vicaire]


[Ward]   [Wadso Wodso Watso]  [Wawanolett]

[“Whitely”]  [Wianabe]  [Williams]  [Wilmot]   

[Wiouche Wyouche Oxouette]   [Wiseman]


[Young Yong]  [“Zink”]


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