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Kissed Every Girl In Town, His Boast (1910) | Surnames: Deer, Patton

Mayor of Canadian Village Defies Compainant to Prove He Showed Partiality

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MONTREAL, March7.-

Haled into court by young woman, who alleged that he carried the old Indian custom of New Year kissing too far, Mayor Angus O. Paton, of Caughnawaga, caused all of the husbands and swains of his town to sit up and take notice today, when he declared he had kissed about all of the women in Caughnawaga during the first week of the New Year.

Miss Annie Deer alleged that the mayor did not confine his New Year celebration to one kiss, according to custom, but kissed here a “hundred times”.

The mayor denied that he was guilty of the charge, but said that if he was every woman in the town could bring action against him, as he had kissed all of them.

The Washington Times, March 7th, 1910



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