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Index: The Iroquois Confederacy in Canadian Census Records

April 5th – 10th



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This is where I place links for extracts of census records for the Canadian Iroquois who belong to the Iroquois Confederacy. Today, these First Nations are found in Ontario and Quebec although I have found individuals living in other census districts and these will also be listed below.

The Iroquois Confederacy includes the five traditional peoples of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga and Seneca) as well as the Tuscarora. This list does not include other Algonquian-speaking First Nations such as the Huron.

Each link below leads to a post with a list of the surnames carried by one or more Iroquois nations in a single given subdistrict at one point in time. Where technically possible, I’ve linked to each surname individually. Where I couldn’t do that I’ve made a link to the subdistrict. In all cases I’ve linked only to records that you can access free of charge.

Notes of caution. Some of these census districts (particularly in Ontario) describe reserves that are shared between Iroquoian and non-Iroquoian First Nations.  Secondly, the same area (e.g. Sault-St-Louis) can sometimes be  found in different census districts in different years so be sure to scan down the list for that province. Finally, I have found small numbers of Iroquois in other areas of Canada (such as the far West) and these are not included on this list.

If you are looking for Iroquois marriages, then you’ll also want to consult the Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames [Marriage Extracts] which includes a selection of Iroquois couples from marriage records or baptismal certificates or the marriage records of their offspring.

If you’re looking for ALL First Nations census records, then click on Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts.

This winter I’ll continue adding to the Iroquois marriages and will also add more direct links to original online documents, databases and/or census districts records.




QC |  Laprairie | Sault-St-Louis (1881)





ON | Brant South | Onondaga (C-2)  (1901)


ON | Brant South | Tuscarora (E-1) (1901)


ON | Brant South | Tuscarora (E-2) (1901)


ON | Brant South | Tuscarora (E-3 ) (1901)


ON | Haldimand & Monck | Oneida I.R. (1901)


ON | Middlesex South | Delaware (1901)



QC | Chateauguay | Sault St. Louis  (1901)


QC | Deux-Montagnes | L’Annonciation  (1901)


QC | Huntingdon |  St. Regis  (1901)



TERRITORIES | AB | Edmonton Agency 1  (1901) 


TERRITORIES | AB | Edmonton Agency 2 (1901)


TERRITORIES | AB | Lac Sainte-Anne  (1901)


TERRITORIES  |  SK  ]  Onion Lake  (1901)  newly indexed

(Note: just one Iroquois individual)





ON | Brant | Tuscarora (26)   (1911)


ON | Brant | Tuscarora (27)  (1911)


ON | Brant | Tuscarora (28)   (1911)


ON | Brant | Tuscarora (35)  (1911)


ON | Haldimand  (50)  (1911)


ON | Haldimand I.R. (51)  (1911)


ON | Haldimand (52)  (1911)


ON |  Middlesex West | Oneida I.R. (41)  (1911)


QC | Chateauguay  |  Sault-St-Louis I. R. | Iroquois Mohawk (1911)


QC | Deux-Montagnes | Oka  (1911)


QC | Huntingdon | St Regis  (1911)


QC | Terrebonne |  Ste. Lucie Doncaster  (1911)





ON | Brant | Tuscarora (35)  (1921)


ON | Brant | Tuscarora (36)  (1921)


ON | Brant  | Tuscarora (37)  (1921)


ON | Brant  |  Indian Reserve (38)  (1921)


ON | Haldimand  | Indian Reserve (31)   (1921)


ON | Haldimand  | Indian Reserve (32)  (1921)


QC | Chateauguay- Huntingdon  | St. Regis I.R.  (1921)


QC | Deux-Montagnes  | L’Annociation  | Oka I.R.   (1921)


QC |  Laprairie-Napierville | Caughnawaga I.R. (1921)





Note: The ethnic or trial identity is as listed on census forms, so a person could be identified, for instance, as Iroquois and/or Mohawk.


Abraham  Iroquois


Adam    Iroquois


Anderson  Iroquois, Mohawk, Tuscarora


Beauvais  Iroquois


Couteau  Iroquois


Delisle  Iroquois


Etienne  Iroquois


Faubert  Iroquois


Fortier  Iroquois


Giroux  Iroquois


Jacques  Iroquois


Johnson  Mohawk, Six Nations, Tuscarora


Lacombe  Iroquois


Lafleur  Iroquois


Lefebvre  Iroquois


Mitchell  Iroquois


McDonald  Iroquois


Montour  Iroquois


Nolan / Nolin  Iroquois


Paul  Iroquois


Perras  Iroquois


Pigeon  Iroquois?


Roussin  Iroquois


Smith  Iroquois


Sylvestre  Iroquois


Taylor  Iroquois


Thibault  Iroquois


Tremblay  Iroquois


Zacharie  Iroquois





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Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts

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Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Marriage Extracts

Core Index: First Peoples Genealogy and History





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